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Blogland trumps Wonderland. 
Alice wishes she had tripped down the rabbit hole into the blogosphere.
One small keyboard tap leads to another, and next thing you know you can't sleep because there's stuff happening on the interwebs!
My blogging lurking started in around 2006, via Apartment Therapy (still one of the best straplines out there: 'saving the world, one room at a time') and finally I swapped teams and started writing in 2009. Along the way, I have come to consider blogs as Seth Godin describes in his best-selling book, 'Tribes' - 

'And it turns out that tribes, not money, not factories, that can change our world, that can change politics, that can align large numbers of people. Not because you force them to do something against their will. But because they wanted to connect.
The internet was supposed to homogenize everyone by connecting us all. Instead what it's allowed is silos of interest.'
Tribes is a very simple concept that goes back 50 million years - it's about leading and connecting people and ideas.
So here's the list of women that I follow, each leaders and connectors living their own best lives:  

Elements of Style: Erin is one of the first bloggers I started following, and inspired me to start too. She manages to tie together design, products, fashion and being totally honest about her life. When I make it to Boston, I'm totally going to invite her for cocktails. Although I know she'd prefer it if I sprung for Paris.
My Favorite And My Best (MFAMB): Jen makes me laugh and occasionally cry. She has a great eye and a dirty mouth, which suits my sense of humour. Her blogging is raw and honest, and that's what I aspire to. Oh, and it's pronounced emm-famm for those in the know.

Erin & Jen are the two that I never go without, and during the week, I catch up on most of these: 

Absolutely Beautiful Things:  When an ex-boyfriend suggesting moving to Brisbane, Anna Spiro & her shop Black & Spiro was high on my list of reasons to go. I'd totally spend my life savings in her store. 
The Aestate A lucky new find on twitter quickly became a daily fix in glamorous interiors - particularly Saturday's sexy spaces.
AphroChic: Former policy attorney Jeanine is an inspiration, having turned her blog into a whole lifestyle brand including designs, a book, and TV appearances.
Appletree Staging Kristen's short with words but extremely amusing, and her interiors are ones I don't see in lots of other places.
Camille Styles Camille and her team of editors share daily doses of creativity, inspiration and stress-free style, and are my go-to girls for party planning.
Cannelle et Vanille Prepare to be blown away by the most incredible food styling and photography. And then allow for the fact that you'll decide you need to double how many dishes you own in an attempt to recreate these fabulous affairs at home.
Coco & Kelley One of the Times 50 best Design Blogs, Cassandra has a great eye for a bit of luxe...her strapline is bang on too: 'Life is in the details. Style Accordingly'. I love it!
Cococozy Coco is this blogger's nickname. Get this - she has a full on day job as a Hollywood exec and blogs in her spare time (nothing new there) - only she's also managed to start a furnishings line available at her shop.
Cozamia Another one I found late. Artist Nancy's blog is as awesome as her art. I have decided she is the artist that I am going to purchase from this year. Now, which one? 
Cupcakes and Cashmere I've been following this for a while which is weird since there is so much fashion and I am convinced I'm going to lose 5kg before I buy anything new. Emily makes me braver in my fashion choice. Oh, and hungry since she's always baking. Can you see how this is not working out so well for me? Oh, and jealous. Is it always warm in LA?
I love her 'five things' posts on Friday - five things that making her happy each week. We could all learn from that.
The Daybook Our lives are so different, but new momma Sydney rocks. Awkward & Awesome Thursdays are my favourite. And I see how her baby looks at me - he is such a flirt!
Design Darling Lovely Mackenzie has a great eye and is super friendly - she inspired me to make my 101 list - which includes 'complete my blogroll'. I am! See Mackenzie? Well done me! Oh, and at only 22 she has swapped corporate life for entrepreneurship - visit her boutique that sells fab pieces - perfect for gifts. 
Design Manifest. I feel like I came to this blog quite late - Naomi is a renovator with a great eye, and a beautiful home in Philadelphia. I come for inspiration and also real life makeovers.
Design Sponge* Grace has built a whole empire around DesignSponge* - there is so much 
information to be found here & it reads more like a magazine -favourites are the before & afters though. 
Desire to Inspire  Jo and Kim live half a world away from each other yet have created a blog with a global audience. Their Pets on Furniture franchise helps ease me into Monday with the cutest round up guessed it..pets on furniture!
Drizzle & Dip A shout out to the twittersphere for interesting people to follow in Cape Town led me to Sam, food stylist, writer, recipe developer, food innovator and photographer.
Emily A Clark While our styles are totally different, real life photos & easy instructions of projects make Emily's blog inspiring and her looks achievable.
FifiCheek Wife, momma, an event planner, designer, food lover, party hostess, and fashion follower Lindsay somehow finds time to blog too! It's full great examples of styled fashion, interiors and products. 
Green Kitchen Stories Based in Stockholm, David & Luise and baby Elsa keep me motivated and inspired to eat better with their easy recipes and beautiful photography. 
Hyperbole and a Half I don't remember how I found this cartoon blog (I don't even *like* cartoons!) but I could spend hours here. You might recognise Allie's images since one was last year's top memes on the whole of the interwebs.
iSuwannee Jamie's blog led to opening real life store Furbish, a fav of bloggers everywhere. I googled, i suwannee is southern speak for 'i swear' just so's you know...
Kelly Green It's a colour, not her name...but this is an Aussie design blog referenced world over.
LanaLouStyle After years of friends encouraging me to move back to South Africa, Lana Lou may be the reason it finally happens. She showcases the best of Cape Town and all that the Mother City offers in terms of decor, fashion and interiors.
A Little Glass Box Military wife & momma of the sweetest little boy, Courtney is a self-confessed DIY obsessive- visit for loads of ideas. She was also kind enough to lend us some Friday Flowers. Her blog is new but has already been nominated for the Homies over at Apartment Therapy
Little Green Notebook Jenny Komenda is my go-to-blog for how to's and projects for home, and another Homies finalist this year.
Maison Boheme full of bohemian chic images, Sarah's style is quite different to my own, but that's what makes her blog so interesting to me.
MissMoss This 'compendium of madness' is another favourite South African blog
Nerdgirl 'A girl. Some gadgets. A lot of geek.' I can also vouch for 'a lot of fun' in real life. 
Note to Self Sarah's blog is full of eye candy as she celebrates the little things in life - you know, like crystal, Kate Spade, high heels and cashmere. Her tumblr's even better.

Pink Wallpaper The cleverest blogger in tying together images, tones  & nuances. I have much to learn from Shannon, but mainly I just revel in the images.
Plush Palate Crystal is a San Fran based design enthusiast & entrepreneur - not to mention the force behind Rue Magazine.
Postcard Epiphanies Real life friend Max writes about motherhood, post natal depression and life here - we're half a world apart and better friends than we ever were when we were only a postcode away from each other. Man, I love the interwebs!
Raising Colarado. A momblogger from Colorado? Yup. I know - you're wondering what we have in common? Well, we're the same age and have the same sense of humor, so Zakary has become a firm favorite, and one day, when I go to Colorado, I'm going to suggest a beer. Only I might have wine because that is how I roll.
sfgirlbybay I always think of Victoria as a girl in the year above me at school - someone who is so much more chic and who knows so much more than me. And there's a reason her home has been featured all over the interwebs - her fab style - which makes me miss my adopted city. Soon San Fran, soon, I'm a comin' back... 
52cups  Megan's experiment in caffeine & conversation may be over but this is still a go-to blog for me, just for reference, reminders and reassurance. 



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