about the shop

When I moved from my tumblr to this blog, I had it somewhere in the back of my head that Covet & Collect would become a stand alone brand and business, and the 'connect' part would continue to be this blog, and the philosophy behind whatever that business may turn out to be. There are so many talented, creative people living their dream, and I was sure that through blogging I might find what had always felt so close, but so out of reach - what I was meant to be doing with my life.

As my blogging journey continued, I realised that both interiors and curating the stories of people's lives through their collections is one of my passions - and I thought I might like to open an online shop - it's what I meant by number 19 on the 101 list

Instead, life intervened, and a visit to Chelsea Flower Show in May 2012 kickstarted an adventure that led to the opening of the real life Covet & Collect shop on October 26, 2012. 
Based in my adoptive village of Hamble, and housed in the most perfect building for what we wanted to do, right at the top of the cobbled high street, the shop is a carefully curated enterprise dealing in all that is covetable & collectable. We have homewares & gifts ranging from accessories like candles & silver tea spoons, to furniture and fittings, such as bedroom chairs, kitchen tables & bespoke made curtains and blinds. Furthermore, the Friday Flowers franchise has become a real life exercise, with a botanical room where we make up bunches and bouquets for everyday enjoyment and all of life's special events. 

The online shop is yet to follow - but in the meantime I have found a whole new community, am forging new friendships, developing new skills, figuring out more about my own style and how I want to live - and living and breathing being a 'shopkeeper' 24-7.

You can visit the website for the shop here - and please come and visit if you find yourself anywhere near one of England's prettiest, sunniest villages.


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