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Covet.Collect.Connect started as a place to collect ideas, thoughts, and a whole host of designs, products and creations to be inspired by, long for and aspire to or covet; and connect and share all of that with fabulous friends and online communities too. 

It's a mouthful, I know, but rather than get stuck in trying to find a great name, I just had to get on and get started!

When I began this blog, part of it became an exercise in mindfulness and gratitude, and documenting how I want to live. And indeed as a motivator to make sure I was doing the right things to live more mindfully and happily. That's where Friday Flowers came from. Although it has become so much more.

The Painted Ladies franchise started after I read an online story about an aunt and her nieces. The aunt would hand over a few dollars for the little girls to buy portraits of women at fleamarkets - an idea that resonated as a project to adopt with my supernieces. 

A suprisingly easy weightloss regime (thanks to Michael Pollan - Eat Food, Not too Much, Mainly Plants) led to me eating less meat - hence Meat Free Mondays. Although you'll notice pretty quickly I'm a lazy cook unless its about hosting friends. 

And a social calendar full of weddings give rise to Wednesday Weddings. (I think you can expect more nursery designs and gifts for little people as life moves on!) 

In 2012 plans include focusing more on inspiring women, great design and living well, and ticking off my list of 101 things to do in the next 1001 days, an idea inspired by Design Darling.

I'm excited to share all this with you. Thank you for stopping by. 
You can reach me at carly@covetcollectconnect.com or via twitter @carlyj2
Pins are posted at carlyj2 on Pinterest.

A word about copyright: 
Images are credited as far as possible given that some be from Pinterest or reblogged. If you would like me to remove an image or re-credit, please be in touch. If you reblog any images, please credit me. And then we can be imaginary best friends. 

images: own, livingetc, nigel slater soup, brett florens wedding photography


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