Friday, 15 November 2013

friday flowers: day + molefe at the table

We're about to slide into what the papers are saying will be the coldest British winter on record. Which is also pretty much what they said last winter, and the one before. Global warming needs a new name since its current moniker is a cruel taunt as it's mostly freezing! 

No surprise then that there isn't much left in the garden - and so when we sat down to a best friend's birthday the other day we had to hunt out the last of the flowers to dress the table. Luckily Kirst had insisted on ordering one of our Day + Molefe pin cushion vases - a little ceramic pomander shaped vase that used to be my least favourite of our products - but which is proving itself more and more useful: 
Steph braved the cold and went hunting to see what she could find - the last spindly heads of overblown roses, and the odd hydrangea head. It was a colourway that we had to work with although neither of us would have chosen it if Mother Nature had left anything else alive - but once snipped and propped into the vase, alongside Emma Bridgewater Toast & Marmalade crockery, juicy steaks, warm buttered potatoes and winter salad, those blooms were just perfect...  
which pretty much describes that whole weekend - long walks, best friends, lots of laughs, wine, puppy dog cuddles and birthday cake. 

hope your weekend is as lovely as that one was, wherever you are.


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