Thursday, 24 October 2013

friends, fate & facebook - amazeballs, profound & important


It's been so long that I almost feel like I ought to introduce myself again, or apologize and explain my absence. 

In fact, I was half scared my password might have expired but fortunately I had managed to save a number of draft posts, enough for Blogger to know I'm still alive and not think I'm some kind of ghostly voice from a blogger long since gone. 
I guess the easiest explanation is that I've been dreamwalking - a term I'll explain in another post - and then guilt set in. That awful guilt that meant I began to think that having left it too many days, then weeks, then..gulp..a month...and more - that I needed to come up with something totes amazeballs, profound or important before I posted again. 
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So I left it. And while the drafts are full of the kind of things that I'd have happily posted before and some of which I know resonated with the lovely human beings out there who read this (never mind the spam bots who love everything and reward me with links to Viagra, Xanax and investment opportunities from supposedly deposed royalty in all sorts of small African countries you've never heard of); I spoke more and more badly to myself when thinking about what I should do or ought to do (cognitive therapists call it musterbation - far more dangerous than the other type was ever thought to be back in Victorian times). 

Until friends,fate and Facebook stepped in.

And over the course of a few weeks I had such lovely messages & posts that reminded me why I started this, and that written & posted is better than all the 'brilliant' unfinished posts in drafts. 

Time slips by too fast to stress too much, and that this brand was always supposed to be about connecting *all* that we covet & collect - which isn't just stuff for buying in the shop. It's experiences, how we live, what we love, who we are.

So the amazeballs, profound and important message in this post is for me. I loved my blog.
I have missed my blog. I was happier when I was writing and creating, and connecting. The world was bigger. And smaller, more connected.

And part II of the profound & important message - well, if you ever thought about randomly mailing one of your friends, bloggers or family - do it. If they're anything like me, it might just be the most important message of their day.
It's nice to be back. 



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