Friday, 12 April 2013

friday flowers: Lainston House wedding

This week's Friday Flowers are really Sunday's flowers - those we did for a wedding last weekend at Lainston House Hotel, a handsome Hampshire red brick country house of beautiful proportions that makes for a charming wedding venue. (And a jolly nice place to visit even if you're not getting married!)
Wedding flowers are almost as important as the bride's gown in terms of setting the tone for the big day. The scary part is the admin - trying to ensure we order enough flowers to create exactly what the couple wants of their big day, allowing enough for any unforeseen dramas, but not too much as to create waste when weddings are so very expensive.

The fun part is what a lot of people think of as the most stressful part - the day before and the morning of the wedding, when it's high pressure and seemingly chaos. 

{Memory lane roses at back, Quicksand at front}

It always feels as though there is an insurmountable task ahead of us, but as it comes together  all the little things that were so carefully considered- what colour ribbon, favors, whether to 'serve' the boutonniere's on silver trays or wooden boards -  contribute to an over-riding sense of occasion. Our brief was to create a soft,  romantic, vintage-style wedding. The bride wore a very pretty nude dress with lace overlay, which led us to a romantic mix of Quicksand and Superbubble Roses, white Antirrhinum, Libretto Parrot Tulips (insanely beautiful), Viburnum Snowball and Syringa. We were lucky too - in that peonies are the bride's favourite, and while we had discounted the idea of using them due to cost this early in the season, our wholesaler had some left from another wedding order and so we were able to get some at a great price to work into the bride's bouquet. The room at the hotel was really warm too, so the tulips and peonies opened fully during the day.
{wax flower and roses tied with pink ribbon for boutonni√®res}
{ladies favors}
Each round table was decorated with three vintage cut glass vases of varying heights, and we placed foxed mirrored glass tealight holders near the glass vases, to make the glass sparkle in the candlelight.

The bride had initially chosen pale pink ranunculus and roses, but the Carlton Room at the Lainston has curtains of a burnt orange silk - way too overpowering for pale pink, but Quicksand roses have an almost desert type dusky pink hue which was perfect for the romantic look we wanted to achieve. We added Ammi Majus, commonly known as Queen Anne's Lace, Syringa and Viburnum to add softness and volume.


 {15 mixed vintage cut glass vases for table centrepieces}

The focal point of the room, apart from the impressive black chandelier, is a huge fireplace, at over 2 metres in length, and nearly the same in height. We considered symmetrical vases either side but we felt we needed to create an arrangement that would appear to lower the ceiling height, which is considerable. The perfect solution was to create a full length mantel arrangement with trailing Amarantus:

Having a job that involves making the most important day of people's lives the most beautiful day too is pretty cool. 
have happy weekends y'all.

first image: exclusive hotels


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