Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Flowers: mother's day retrospective

Last Sunday was our first Mother's Day in the shop - and as promised on our Facebook page, here are some of the bouquets we made up.
I had no idea how serious the Brits are about Mother's Day - given that my mom is still in Africa and our Mother's Day there falls on a different day to the British one it hasn't been a big deal in our lives for the last fifteen years or so. I feel bad about that now and have resolved to make more of an effort - it was really sweet to see how our customers were determined to do their best by their mums.
(yup, that is indeed a carnation - but such a pretty one in the most intense magenta that it is forgiven for being a carnation and is just incredible instead!) Those little heart tins are meant to be candle holders - but they make the sweetest little vases for bouquets - we couldn't keep up!
Our wholesalers are just lovely - these bunches of mixed pink tulips didn't need anything else doing to them - we just wrapped in brown paper and added some raffia: 
This was probably my favourite bouquet, presented in a zinc pail - ranunculus, alliums, candy prince tulips, brunia, viburnum, freesia and memory lane roses (shoo!):
Our flower wholesalers kept telling us we would need more flowers even though we had made two big trips that week, spending over £700 on flowers! And sure enough, I finished up here at 21h30 on the Saturday and was at the flower wholesaler Sunday morning at stupid o'clock. 
That's 6.30 AM - did you even know that there were two 6.30's in a day?

I did not.

Ignorance was bliss.

But if you have to get up at stupid o'clock, flowers make it worth it!
Have happy weekends y'all


janetta said...

Stunning flowers - am sure we don't get the same here xx

Gayle said...

Well done Carly, those arrangement are beautiful! x

Carly {covet.collect.connect} said...

Janetta - so funny, whenever I go to the heated hothouses of 'tropical world' i am reminded of home! very different indeed! x

Gillian said...

Those arrangements are too beautiful! There must've been some very emotional mothers on Sunday - well done!

Mandy said...

How stunning, my angel! You are SOOOOO talented. We are way overdue a skype chat - how about this weekend??
M xo xo

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