Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Finding the Weimaraner Sofa

Recently, I've had loads of traffic and enquiries about a post that's over two years old - it relates to this sexy sofa below, which we call the Weimaraner sofa around here:
see? Can't think of a better label!
The tricky thing with pinterest and re-posting of images is that it's near impossible to find an original source, but I've spent this evening digging through the cyber mist and I think I've found the original source - Maison du Monde, a French homewares brand active throughout Europe. 
It's real name is the Canape 3 seated chesterfield, and online it is represented by two styled images - the iconic one at the beginning of this post that is *all* over pinterest and thousands of blogs - it's still being talked about now, despite that image being a few years old. This is the other image: 
I know, it looks slightly darker and taller - the power of photoshop in the first image perhaps? It also definitely highlights for me the power of styling - the traditional interior in the second image is lovely, but with the sofa it all looks rather old...

There's also the Plazza - for those who love the idea of a grey velvet Chesterfield but know that real life means sectionals are more practical for family life:
On the opposite end of the scale are these sweet Augustin day sofas that would fit a smaller room and cost about the same as an Ikea sofa at only £599:
But I've decided that I love the Carmen - similar to the original Canape but more modern with its long sleek seat - and outrageously good value at only £899. That's insane money for such a sexy sofa:
I like to call it the New Weimaraner.. 



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