Friday, 25 January 2013

friday flowers - prepping for valentine's day

For the first time ever, I'm thinking about Valentine's Day in January. 

Well, apart from the year that I spent days cutting out letters from a magazine to make a Valentine's card for a boy in junior school...
The rise of Facebook and social media precludes me from naming names, just in case this gets back there. (And no, I haven't checked on facebook to see if he turned out to be an astronaut or just an avid Startrek fan - silly thing is that I only picked him because I had to pick *someone*, it was more about the craft & making sure I produced the best card I could ....'cos 10 year old boys care about time and effort...not.)

Thing is, now that flowers are a cornerstone of my livelihood I need to get my head around Valentine's Day and what that entails - it's traditionally all about red roses because they symbolise love and passion. And, at this time of year, money. I nearly fell over when the wholesaler explained that the wholesale cost in two weeks would be more than the current retail price.

I don't even think I'd be all that impressed with red roses on Valentine's Day, even if they were delivered by Prince Charming himself. I think they're pretty - but they do feel a bit like the equivalent of a deodorant boxed set at Christmas - ready made, no thought, does the job...
But considering I'd be lucky to receive flowers from the local garage, I'm not sure my opinion counts for much, so I'm asking - would you rather have (or give?) a red rose bouquet, even at silly money, or something else - potentially more individual and imaginative, where your lover's money goes a whole lot further? 

I'm not talking diamonds, of course, just some alternatives, like peonies, tulips, blowsy roses, proteas... like these perhaps? 

In my own survey - (statistics police will be falling over themselves to know that means one facebook message to 11 women, ranging from old school friends to relatively new ones, from those round the corner to those the other side of Down Under, in all kinds of relationships - and then waiting for an answer from half of them before drawing conclusions) - it turns out that none thought red roses were essential and all would prefer something a little more original and thoughtful, so long as it had a sense of occasion. 

So I'm putting it to a poll on facebook to double check my scientifically unsound survey, and am asking whether you think I'm insane for advocating skipping the roses and investing in something a little more creative and individual? 
At the shop, we're definitely teaming up with the local deli, Bonne Bouche, who are offering a Valentines-to-go ready meal for those who want or need to stay in (proximity to the duvet or lack of babysitter). Alongside their 3 course hamper, we'll make up a beautiful table decoration that can help set the scene and River Rat, the local independent wine shop and restaurant, can supply champagne. 
Hamble's where it's at for romance this February! 

Oh, and for newspaper letter cut outs, if anyone wants homemade Valentine's cards that look more like kidnap and ransom notes. 
/cx, see pinterest for all others.


Stephanie Bentz said...

definitely keen on the different, unusual and whimsical. posies and garden flowers are my favorites. but for Valentine's Day I usually get dinner out either the night before or after- and have been known to receive an empty glass vase instead of flowers as it will last longer- and is usually cheaper. Men.

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