Friday, 18 January 2013

friday flowers - 2013 stylee's the deal. I've been missing. How many posts have started like that in 2012? Too many. 

My Google analytics looks like the economic forecast in 2008 - sharply off a cliff. Not very clever for a blogger launching a new lifestyle brand, huh. 

Thing is, I got stage-fright. I suddenly freaked out that there were people out there who knew who I was through this. It's one thing when blogging anonymously out into the big ol' blogosphere, making friends with similarly minded people who happen to be in the Deep South, or out in Dubai, and quite another when you're in the pub and someone you vaguely know, who you would hope has only ever seen you with your make up on, says that they have read your blog. 

Anyway, time to man up. Christmas came and went in a flurry of activity at the shop - we even delivered flowers on Christmas day, which meant a lot to us in that a man in San Francisco called up late Christmas Eve and asked for flowers for his recently bereaved stepmum. We were pretty blown away that in 9 weeks our reach had extended to the West Coast, and we were pleased to be able to make a difference, however small, in what must have been a Christmas no one would have wished for. 
On Boxing day I managed a day off to see the superfairygodson (the supernieces have to wait until February) and it's been work every day since then. On New Year's Day I came in here to do some paperwork and soon felt like a fish in the aquarium with people staring through the window, so I opened up.

Only it doesn't feel like work - it's still fun, and there is still so very much to do - today is exactly 13 weeks since we opened, and we've already outgrown the kitchen for flowers, so the lower room has a new floor (amen to seeing the back of that carpet) and is a proper flower room. We're so in awe of the floor that we're hosting a 'wellies and sherries' evening at the end of the month - only today the weather turned and we had snow, so I started handing out the sherries to some very grateful customers who had braved the elements.
Other franchises include wedding hire - vintage crockery, candelabras and lanterns are proving pretty popular already, and the launch of our interior services. 

In the meantime I've been mulling over a million things to post - still clipping things that I see here and there- but then never getting around to posting them - until it hit me today: 

This. Is. Not. Good. Enough.

Just prior to Christmas I met a lovely lady in the pub - she approached me to say how much she enjoyed the random things that were posted here, as did another. Why don't I just take them at face value? Why the pressure to make sure that suddenly I'm posting essays of important & informative literary persuasion? Last week my friend Steph sent the image above of the roses grown in her garden and displayed in the Diana Day pottery jug that formed part of her wedding present nearly seven years ago. I'd like to think that my habit of taking her scented roses at every opportunity helped in her motivation when she planted her scented rose garden a couple years back (in real life, she's probably more inspiring and motivating for me than the other way around!). And just minutes ago an old schoolfriend, now facebook friend, tagged me in an image of her proteas at home, half a world away, and without having spoken for half a lifetime. 
And it's a big reminder that this blog isn't business. It's life. How I live, and keeping me on track for how I want to live - with appreciation for things like flowers in a jug, and as a way to stay connected with all that inspires me - friends and flowers alike. 



Gillian said...

Welcome back - we have missed you. We've all tried to be understanding as we realise how pressured you are with your start up, but speaking for myself - I still come here every day looking for that bit of inspiration, that bit of wonder that takes hold of me and lifts me up.
Good luck managing to calm the stage fright, and congratulations on the success of the shop!

Sooz said...

oh yay... oh yay oh yay oh yaaaaayyyyyy! she#s back ! x

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