Friday, 26 October 2012

friday flowers for a fab friend since forever..

Jeeps. I last posted nearly a month ago. Even the emails asking whether I was alright, and then becoming more demanding, before trailing away to whining, have stopped. This is not good. 
It's also not because there isn't anything to say. In fact, there is LOADS to tell you. 

But that's not today's news. 

Today is October 26. 

That's a big enough date, imprinted into my brain, to make sure that I find time to post today...

It's the 23rd year that I've been lucky enough to say that one of the most awesome women around is my friend. Admittedly, when that started all those years ago, we weren't women - just two schoolkids with knock-knees and socks in our bras. 
Now she even has a child of her own - the superfairygodson. She's such a good mamma - check how she made him grow: 
I know. You wish you had a superfairygodson too. Sorry for you. I am not sharing this one.

We've been through boyfriends (including her brother - ouch, sorry Kirst), love & heartbreak,  husbands, brideslaving, divorces, jobs, illness, depression, each making new friends, dodgy Abba dances, drunk yoga, countless bottles of wine, holidays, the odd moment of ESP, and Friday and Saturday flowers.
So while today's Friday Flowers are to wish Kirst a happy birthday full of love and adventures over the next year, they're also me counting my blessings - how lucky I am to have shared so many years, and how excited I am to see her tomorrow for more of the above...except the drunk yoga. That wasn't our best idea in 23 years.

It probably wasn't our worst either, to be fair.

happy birthday chickabee,

images: braedon photography via SMP


Gillian said...

Happy birthday Kirsty! I wish more people in the world had people like you to call a friend x

Noonincloss said...

Thank you Carly J - I am honoured to have been a part of your life for 23 years (typed with a big fat lump in my throat and a big slurp of cheers-to-that champers in my mouth). We are so so so so so so lucky!! I am eternally grateful that Mrs Goosen at Clarendon taught me std 6 maths in std 5 so that I aced maths in my first term at Girls' High all those years ago and got moved to the clever class. (Thank goodness I wasn't moved to the nerd prefect class!) And that we had already met at that spelling bee!  

Thank you for roughly 8450 days.. Give or take 50ish! Thanks for forgiving me on the occasions I have upset you and yay that those have been few and far between. 

So many memories... Even the blurry ones are brilliant. Sometimes more brilliant than the crystal ones (typed with the biggest grin on my face. Jeeps we have been naughty!).

You are the only person that I have had so much fun with that I have gone forward in time and wished a very very good friend Happy Birthday to, 2 months in advance..... Whilst doing that drunken yoga. 

You are a MasterCard friend. PRICELESS. 

Thank you! Xxxxx

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