Tuesday, 25 September 2012

when fashion was fun...

Gotta love the interwebs - check what it delivered me today:
Flipping from one blog to the next, I came across this pretty frock on a midwest American blog, only turns out it's from Blighty. A few clicks later and I own this super cute Dotty P dress - perfect for hiding a multitude of sins.

And lemme tell you, getting a year older seems to have come with a bucket load of sins. I'm trying really hard (well, kind of), but my metabolism has turned against me, plantars fasciitis is so painful, and white wine probably doesn't help either. Added to that, I live in a small village, work from home and it's socially acceptable to wear flip-flops everywhere anytime from April through October, if you're brave enough. I ought not to be discussing fashion at all. 

I've been trying to think back to when fashion was fun - and it's years ago, when housemates and I would spend a rushed hour bathing, dressing, discussing, discarding and restyling before hitting the town. It was often more fun than the night out: 
It was my birthday a couple weeks back. I turned 31 again, I think. It's hard to remember since time flies so fast these days. But one of those housemates was here. Cue dressing up time. Cue her practically ripping things off me, restyling, reshaping, and finally reawakening me. It was so much fun that it resulted in tears late that night - grateful talk about how lucky we were to have had so much fun in those heady days, and missing it, knowing that life had moved on.

But while life in our thirties is less about cocktail bars and hangovers and more about responsibilities and sensible heels, we ought to be wise enough to know that there are parts of our misspent youth that we can resurrect:
I might have to accept that some of those heels in my cupboard might never again see the light of day (as in, still wearing them at 5am) but there's no real reason to forego accessorizing, and it's a good idea to line up the occasional event that involves girlfriends getting ready together, since champagne and discussions about skirt shapes are way more fun than counting carbs at dinner.  
I'll be the one in the new frock.
Accessorized with heels.
And a bejewelled walking stick, if necessary.



nicci vdw said...

been thinking a lot along these lines myself lately too! and especially since i am in a similar situation as you working from home and wearing flip flops every day.. time to get back into fashion!

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