Saturday, 8 September 2012

friday flowers.

What on earth? How did it happen that I'm rocking autumn flowers round here already?!
Did you think I'd given up the blog for good?
 Uh uh. Just somehow life got so busy, and I've been smashing through those 101 creating some art - I've decided I'm an abstract artist:
 I bought my first piece too, a Jeffrey Appollis piece that I just LOVE. It's not this exact piece but the same vibe, only it's a series of kitchenware on a shelf. Best part is that it was a great deal and I'm pretty sure a fabulous investment. Look at me, art investing! 
I also, finally, after ten years of thinking about it - went to summer uni for Interior Styling for Photography & Advertising at Central St Martins, London's premier Arts University, which is now housed in an amazing renovation at Kings Cross. 
It was so exciting to feel so inspired and invigorated by where my career is going. I have berated myself about having not done it years ago, but it turns out that all the career decisions - however organic they may have appeared - were leading me here at the right time - it would appear that the university's strapline 'There is no plan' was written just for me!
So, I've been winding down the PR and comms work and developing my portfolio - including doing flowers and impromptu styling for a wedding this week - the Spanish theme set off by pincushions insanely beautiful roses from the Dutch Flower Masters: 
Yip. Do you see what I've done there? Instagrammed that photo. Which means I now own an iphone. 
(Probably the last blogger on the planet to make the jump, and only forced by dropping not one, but two, phones in the Hamble river within ten days of each other.)
So obviously, I've been spending my time trying to figure out what kind of case I want.
I think it's going to be one of these: 

Although really, it's likely to be both!

It was quite exciting to spend time in London again. The area around Kings Cross has undergone so much regeneration, along with still maintaining the sense of grimy history & undercurrent that part of town is famous for. 

How incredible is this view from Central St Martin's library?
 More info on the course etc in a couple weeks.
Probably the most bittersweet part of the whole week was that my old stomping ground, Earlsfield, has undergone so much gentrification too and actually looks like quite a nice place to hang out. Having been lucky enough to dine at some really expensive and famous restaurants in my time, I'm well qualified to say that the best steak I've ever eaten is produced at Fyre, a local steak & wine cafe - which is so female friendly in its menu and vibe. Veggies can look away now but also know that there are some insanely good options on offer. 
And last but not least, I'm getting ready to launch the online Covet & Collect shop, which will be the exclusive online stockist of Day + Molefe ceramics- at least until Day+Molefe gets picked up by Liberty and others - it's only a matter of time, surely!
 (I've been rocking the pincushion vase as a herb pot round here:) 
So you see, life has been crazy.
I've a week away and then back at the grindstone - only it's not so much a grindstone as a magic carpet ride. It is hard to believe that this time last year I was so unhappy and unsure about what I was doing with my life, questioning where I should live and what I should do to try to find happiness. 
Happiness, motivation and opportunities have followed via this blog. 
In writing everyday about what interests and inspires me - even if it's just trying to find a way to discuss how peanut butter and syrup zarms make everything feel alright, or adventures of my sweetest little superfairygodson - I'm managing to shape a whole new career.



Gillian said...

Yay! You're back - and sounding so energised! Can't wait to hear about your course. Good luck with the shop, I'm sure we'll be hearing all about it x

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