Wednesday, 1 August 2012

life as i know it...and a sneak peek

Wanna see what's been taking up so much writing time? 

Getting ready to launch our new ceramics company... It's the venture I mentioned a few months ago, but it's taken some time to sort clay, designs, production, shipping, branding, marketing, wholesalers... and now, retail! 
Shopping architectural salvage yards for clients and projects,
exploring the minute that there's sunshine...
and stumbling upon some of Britain's best kept secrets.
Behaving like kids with old friends, reunited after six long years...
and babysitting real kids, the super nieces, for a week.
Quote: 'Cheers to Aunty Carly in charge.' 
read ... exhausting.
Getting a little teary-eyed at the dad who would win Olympic Gold for pride & emotion...
have you seen the video?
You absolutely must.
Painting - it's called 'British Summer II.'

but mainly...

working on & delighting in, the ceramics, which has been an epic project to date, and we haven't even started! 
Facebook page, website and details coming later this week...



MJ Kelly said...

Oh gorgeous are those ceramics??? You had BETTER ship internationally!! How bloody exciting!!

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