Friday, 20 July 2012

friday flowers: aloe edition

Midwinter in KwaZulu Natal, and the aloes on the North Coast are in full bloom. 

A while ago, I came across this photo of Ralph & Ricky Lauren's outside dining area at their home in the Hamptons and thought how fabulous it would be to live like that...  
via Lonny
It obviously struck a chord as when I saw Ali's photo of the aloes, I dug this photo out again - and clocked that the coastline vegetation appears so similar to the lush dunes of the Natal North Coast. 

And then I realized that friends of mine - regular ol' people like me - that live in KwaZulu Natal do indeed get to dine at tables like these pretty often, eating locally grown pawpaws for brunch as dolphins play in the surf nearby, enjoying fresh linefish and salads after working up an appetite in the surf, and later hitting the G'n'Ts as the mozzies come out and the barbeques are lit.

The life lesson?

That I was so stupidly naive and simply wrong when I thought that being rich and 'from overseas' was much more exciting than being from Natal.

That if you're lucky enough to live somewhere beautiful you should make the most of it - revel in the scenery, lay linens on the table, have friends around, dine as if you are fashion royalty on the freshest, most local & preferably simple of foods... 

I know. Pretty profound. That's why you stop by, isn't it? 

But how do we remember these lessons, stuck half a word away, eating indoors, being fed a diet of celebrity jealousy by the media, imagining that only the rich and famous get to live like that? 

Well, life hands you exactly what you need to remember such universal truths...

Like these, on sale: 
I know. 
Perfect for dining at a table like that.
So I am good to go - either to Natal or to the Laurens. 



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