Wednesday, 18 July 2012

back on the blog

Whoops. I never expected to take two weeks off. It's not even as though I can claim to have been somewhere where internet access is sketchy, like South Africa, which is usually when I fall off the edge of the cloud. 

Somehow, in the midst of delivering on a number of projects, invoicing, clients moving away, new businesses being launched, losing my camera cable (devastated),  babysitting the supernieces while my sister went to America and didn't bring back what I asked her to, recovering from Summer Flu (way worse than winter flu, which is at least to be expected) and the Crappiest British Summer Ever - I lost my mojo. 

my new painting- it's called 'British Summer Sucks'
Before anyone starts complaining about language, let me assure you that 'Crappiest British Summer Ever' is a full-on technical term encompassing most rainfall and least sunlight hours in summer since records began - and, since Britain is so old, that is a long time indeed. It's as if Mother Nature decided to remind us all just who is boss around here, in this sodden summer of celebrations including HRH Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee and London hosting the Olympics. And so we've all turned into dreadful weather bores around here - and  it's not even weather that would normally be worth remarking upon - no cyclones, hurricanes, floods or tsunamis. Instead it has been the equivalent of Chinese water torture. The drip-drip-drip of drizzle, grim grey skies and miserable temperatures have been enough to soften even the the stiffest of Britain's upper lips, so that we're all dribbling on and on about how awful summer has been. 

So, in losing my mojo, I have spared you days and days of posts where all I could have discussed was how 50 Shades of Grey is an apt strapline for British Summer 2012, but I probably should have followed Jenny's much more grown-up example and advised of a leave of absence - however, there has been an upside to just disappearing: kind emails, concerned texts and ideas for posts, and even  flower deliveries when Friday Flowers failed to appear! 

(an aside: since I went away four days later, these were distributed to some local businesses - the pub, salon and Art Gallery to ensure the most people possible got to enjoy them)
Best Saturday Surprise ever - might miss some more Friday Flowers!
In blogging, much like in life, it's so easy to feel as though one's effort isn't recognised or valuable, and to compare ourselves unfavorably - my Analytics reports after nearly two years of this blog is nowhere near that of others that have gone wildly viral. I sometimes forget or diminish the positive - not through being pessimistic, because I'm not, but just in getting caught in up wanting more and more success, whatever that looks like. Those positives include three friends starting blogs of their own, another is studying again after recognizing frustrations in her own life after the Ubuntu & TIATTY posts and a schoolfriend from half a lifetime ago got back in touch after discovering the blog. 

So this time off - out of sheer laziness and being overwhelmed & uninspired by my to-do list (and also feeling somewhat embarrassed about that since other women manage to become CEO of global tech companies while 6 months pregnant and all kinds of other over-achieving things I can't even be bothered to imagine) - has been a reminder of how the blog continues to serve its purpose - connecting me as I share my collection of random ideas and musings, and celebrating all that is worth coveting and aspiring to (other than being a global CEO. I'm too busy on pinterest, which, by the way, I preferred before it got so full). 

It's also given me a bit of time to think about what comes next for the blog - potentially a new name since this was always meant to be an interim one and is *such* a mouthful; an online shop alongside the launch of a new business and a change in some editorial features - losing some and adding others

A visit to a nutritionist has put paid to Meat-Free Mondays - in that now it ought to be renamed Meat-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Mondays. I know. I might as well call it Suicidal Start to the Week. If she tells me to give up wine, I'm getting a new nutritionist. But I'm working on what will take its place, and am quite excited. You'll know on Monday. 

Friday flowers stay though, Wednesday Weddings will continue randomly - since it feels like most err'body is already married. There might be more art, more interiors, and definitely more features on some of the inspiring businesses and ideas that other women are creating, and what is out there on the interwebs, since both of those fascinate me. And also, perhaps, some random pictures. Like these ones, which I have saved for no reason other than they delight me:
Christopher Marley's genius work
Rocking the toile
Hermes Scarves - I may be too young in real life, but they sure are pretty.
Happy Taj Mahal
cute train station in Aveiro Portugal
shells at Chintz&Co, Vancouver, thanks Gail for the intro. 
champagne chairs from special events
I know it's naughty, but I could totally live like this! Ra-ra!

That's what we're here for, aren't we? To be delighted & inspired.
And, indeed, to delight & inspire! 

I don't mean this blog. I mean, in life. 

There, two weeks off, in the rain, and I figured out the meaning of life. 



Gillian said...

Yay! You're back! Can't wait for the new-look Mondays - and to see if you can find any Friday Flowers in 'Mud Isle' or whether they will be gifts from afar :-)

MJ Kelly said...

Oh you wonderful wonderful woman! Seriously. I love your writing as much as I love...hmmm...trying to think of something that's not twee...sunshine in summer? So glad you are back! I have boxes of recipe ideas for you for Mondays. My brother calls them 'food free' because he can't imagine life without the superfoods, but they are quite yum! Lots of love, keep on remembering the lives you change! M xxx

Nerdgirl said...

Happy to see you are back. Missed you. Now if I can only get you out here to Cali in person it would be much better. How are you going to meet your Godson Oscar???

suze xx said...

oh thank HEAVENS you are back! I actually came onto your bog today to get your email to let you know that I was going to have a severe meltdown if I opened it up and saw the fevered edition again! Was about to offer to look after the superneices myself if it would give you some time! YAY you are back - as interesting and inspiring as always xx

Carly {covet.collect.connect} said...

You're all so kind - thank you! Definitely feeling inspired and creative again, and hope to keep y'all entertained for a while longer.
@Nerdgirl...i am saving my pennies and promise to make it to Cali. I {heart} oscar already.

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