Thursday, 19 July 2012

an announcement: a new addition to the family

When my sister was pregnant with her second child, I was secretly afraid that I wouldn't love the new baby as much as I already loved her first, the original superniece. Ever since day one, we have had such a special bond, and I worried I wouldn't be able to repeat that with this new baby...
Turns out that the little niece has a totally different personality, and my heart just got bigger and bigger. There is no competition or comparison. They're so different to each other in every way - looks, temperament *and* sleeping patterns - that they've pretty much solved the whole nature/nurture debate. 
They're also so delightful that now I'm harassing my sister to continue making me more and more nieces and nephews. (She's resisting - so selfish now that I've decided I have a heart that can accommodate a whole tribe of little ones).

I had to keep all this in mind when Mae, my lovely Origins* beautician at Southampton's John Lewis, suggested I might like to try the new Dr Weil Mega-Bright Serum. I resisted at first since I already love Plantscriptions and what its done for my frown lines (if you haven't seen the results, look here) but Mae said I could 'multi-serum' apparently. I didn't even know that was a verb..
Could there be space on my shelf and in my life for another? 

I tried not to think that this might just be a way to double my spend.
I was brave.
And so I sucked it up and invested in the new serum that was going to improve the evenness of my skintone and hide my sun spots,  since I could also get a few samples of some other products (the equivalent of baby-sitting, no outlay or long term commitment & all the benefits).

And it turns out that much like with the arrival of superniece number two, life has gotten even better. They do different things equally well, and I couldn't choose between them now. I'm very proud to announce that now we are an extended happy family - Plantscriptions, Dr Weil Mega-Bright Serum, and me.

The prettiest, youngest looking, wrinkle-free, radiant family you ever did see.

*This post isn't sponsored if that's what you think. I'm seriously just their biggest fan. And potentially responsible for most of their profits. 


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