Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wednesday Weddings: the modern day trousseau

I remember my mom having a special drawer of special nighties that she used to call her 'trousseau'....I'm sure she'd be delighted to know that I was telling that story on the interwebs. 

Fact is, she never wore any of them, but my sister and I delighted in playing dress up in the sheer tulles, flouncy negligees and lacy gowns. (To be honest, most of the lace was as scratchy as it was pretty, so can't really blame mom for sticking to flannel and cotton jimjams)

As South Africans, it's an accepted practice to gift underwear to brides-to-be at their bridal shower but it's quite hard to find something that is particularly pretty. I was beginning to think that perhaps a trousseau doesn't exist any more, and then I visited Claire Pettibone's site. Her bridal lingerie is just so lovely and any bride would do well to invest in some of this for her special day - and... ahem... her honeymoon: 

The only thing making me feel slightly uncomfortable is that the model doesn't look old enough to be a bride for another ten years - in fact, other than the sexy poses, she pretty much looks like we did when we would play in my mom's playing dress up since nothing fitted us properly. 

I don't get it - there are so many beautifully proportioned, healthy, toned, adult women models...what do you think? 


PS. I hopped over to Claire's site since she designed Emily's dress - hop over here if you fancy a week's worth of wedding posts by Emily - not because I'm in the market for bridal lingerie!


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