Tuesday, 5 June 2012

an update on my 101 things in 1001 days...

1. Find a new scent for my new life:
What an overachiever I am....I found two! 
Stella McCartney's 'Stella' is inspired by luxurious, old-fashioned, blousy roses, but there's a modern edge, even though it was developed ten years ago. Top notes of rose oil, peony and a gentle touch of fresh tangerine give way to rose, and a deep amber brings the scent full circle. But I'm a sucker for Hermes perfumes - my absolute very most favorite perfume house - and I've invested in Herme's Un Jardin en Mediterranee too. It does exactly what the marketing blurb promises - 'evoking the sense of a walk through a Mediterranean garden, a perfume of light and of shade where fig tree, mastictree and red cedar blend with bergamot, orange blossom and white oleander.' Ooh la la, get me - but don't copy me! 

5. Set a charitable giving strategy
There is so much need in the world and I don't earn anywhere near enough to feel like I can make a difference to all that I care about. So it took some time, a whole lotta Google, and I have decided where to put my charity allowance this year. 

First of all, that's towards saving the rhino, which is under attack by ignorant idiots who believe that the so-called medical effects of rhino horn is worth eradicating a whole species. Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to see rhino, or indeed any of our native game, must be outraged by this. We don't get to 'make it right' later. It's my belief that the answer isn't in providing more guns and rhino guards, since money trumps both those things, but rather in removing the demand. Believing rhino horn is medical has to become as stupid as believing that apartheid was a good idea.

Other than the rhino, I'm more interested in alleviating human suffering. I'm supporting Plan's Girl campaign - you might have seen the link on the left hand side of the blog - and the Girl Effect. I am totally on board with the idea that poverty is a root cause of a number of other issues, and that women, indeed - girls, hold the key to breaking the poverty trap. Spend a few minutes watching this:
There is another arm of my charitable giving strategy which will follow in my next update...gotta pace all this info!

6. Create the painted ladies wall at home:
With no budget, I've had to make do with some printed photos, but my painted ladies keep me inspired and remind me that we really are the fairer sex. 

8. Be published again
I thought this would be much more difficult than it really was! A client had a piece of mine picked up by a trade magazine.  At the same time, the Ubuntu & Depression piece got re-tweeted and reposted on an online newspaper. Both within a week of each other...I guess it's true, that once you put something out there, it can happen as if it takes on a life of its own.
10. Create a jewellery drawer
This was such fun - a shallow drawer in my bedroom is now home to all my jewellery, which makes it much easier to select pieces and wear them more often. The bracelet below is full of old 'tickey' pieces with the names of family members going back hundreds of years...it's fun to be wearing pieces that have stories attached to them. 
At the same time, I've also traded in a number of pieces that I no longer like or wear, and have invested in a new ring, re-sized some others, and identified what I'd like to buy next - more earrings. Forget the 'one sock syndrome' - I have a whole bunch of single earrings! How on earth does that happen? 

more to follow...


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