Wednesday, 27 June 2012

life lessons in hardship

I see man flu and raise it with Carly Flu.

Summer chest infections seem worse than winter ones. I might reverse that proclamation come November, but right now it feels as though no one on the face of the earth has EVER felt as grimy, sickly and hard done by as me. I am so sick that I had to postpone a board meeting with not-so-lil Rex & his mamma. Like, how sick would you have to be to put off hanging out with this little man?
I know.

It was in checking my emails during one of my 'sheet-changing, temperature-busting before falling down exhausted' sessions that I found this email in my inbox, which has put everything into perspective: 

'Hi all
Most of you won't know nor have met Sam (Ndlovu) Moyo, who has worked once a week for A&G since 2005 and at times for V&B too.  She is an incredible woman with a remarkable life story. She recently shared her story with Robyn Dixon of the Los Angeles Times, who wrote a piece about her huge achievements -- now featured on the front page of today's Los Angeles Times World section.

Today has been a big day for Sam. Her story includes a lot of pain, but she feels really proud of what she has accomplished.  She was happy to have her story shared so I hope you will read it, and comment on it,  if you believe, as I do, that it holds incredible inspiration.'

I hope you can make the time to pop over to the LA Times and read Sam's story. So many of us raised or living in SA have help in our homes, how lucky we are, and we never know the story of what is going on in the lives of those of us so physically close to us, and what their realities are. Having worked in Venture Capital in London for a long time, I'm used to seeing entrepreneurs seeking huge funding for things that may or may not work, but really, Sam is a perfect example of a true entrepreneur, making something from very little, seeing opportunities and making the most of them.  And I bet she didn't make that money by calling  in sick from summer colds.

As for me, a little more paracetamol, and a little less feeling sorry for myself is next on the agenda. Just as soon as I change the sheets again. 


image 2: LA Times


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