Friday, 8 June 2012

friday flowers - jubilee style

Among all the new flowers launched at Chelsea this year to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, this was my favorite. David Austin's Rosa Royal Jubilee is beautifully scented - smelling a little like blackcurrants, or fruit pastilles, and the chalice shaped blooms are striking. Considering how much tat has been produced to celebrate the jubilee (the Union Jack is on everything from butter to motor oil tins) this is probably the most beautiful souvenir of an epic achievement.

And it seems a fitting choice for the end of this Jubilee week, particularly since I stumbled on this photo today, which you may have seen:
However you may feel about the monarchy and the money spent on the Jubilee, it's pretty special to find two people who still look so happy together. The photo may have been staged given Queen Elizabeth is wearing the same brooch in the same pose, but there's a tenderness there that is unmistakable, and it's probably the nicest photo I've ever seen of the two of them. How wonderful to have such support and someone who loves you when your life is really not your own. 

It's been fab in the UK this week - notwithstanding our crappy summer weather that everyone's being very British about, as if it didn't matter. As a nationalised Brit raised under sunny skies, I'm going to say that it jolly well did matter. It looked horrid in London and I felt really sorry for everyone involved that Mother Nature was pulling a bit of one-upmanship over Her Royal Highness.

The good news is that we get 30% more sunshine than the average British town down here, and this is how we've been celebrating:

have happy weekends y'all

images: 1-David Austin, 2-google 
all others personal.


Patsy said...

Your photos make me happy.

Carly {covet.collect.connect} said...

Yay Patsy, glad to hear it. This was a happy post to pull together. cx

Gayle Willington said...

Love it, unfortunately missed it all but do love the backbone of the British.

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