Tuesday, 19 June 2012

best things in life: girlfriends & g'n'ts

I'm out and about today with my very most favorite Dr Berry, ex-housemate, inspirational woman (who do you know who re-trained as a doctor in her 30s? I know. Amazing), good friend and partner in crime - and in rockclimbing (I only remembered I was scared of heights once I got to the top of the climbing wall and she patiently & kindly talked me down...I'm pretty sure medical training in psych was a doddle after dealing with me at 5metres off the ground.) She's out from Down Under, and with any luck Britain might pretend it's summer for us. 

And if not, well, we'll drink our gin-'n-tonics in the rain without even complaining,
because that's how we roll... 

image: Etsy


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