Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Aerin & I: how we roll

I've thought for a long time that Aerin Lauder and I could have been related. (I think the same of India Hicks too, to be honest.) We have a similar 'eye' for decor, and I'd have been very comfortable at the thought of Estee Lauder as my granny. 

She's starting her own business now, Aerin, (just like me - only mine isn't called Aerin, because that wouldn't make sense.) and there's a sneak peak of her new office in Architectural Digest. (Expect to see it pinned a million times).

So, her new office looks like this: 

and mine looks like this:
You must know that I didn't have a photographer on hand for that shot, and the British light isn't particularly kind. I also don't have a team of cleaners. And I'm messy.

But you see, I have a white sideboard too! 
With frames leaning against the wall. 
And white chairs!

Admittedly, this is my whole living room, and Aerin gets to go home to another fabulous building. But she doesn't have the view I do...
I know. Hamble trumps Manhattan.


images: AD, photographer: Pieter Estersohn


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