Tuesday, 24 April 2012

signature style: Isabel Lopez Quesada

Ever since I saw this image, I've followed Isabel Lopez-Quesada's work. I don't even know why this kitchen talks to me since it's not what I would choose - yellow isn't my favourite, I don't think the stools look comfy, it's a bit dark, and I am not a dog fan at all - but every time I come across it, pinned, tumbled or blogged, it stops me in my tracks:
It's now got so that I can recognise Isabel's work a mile off...most notably her signature sofas, which I covet, and which made me nearly cry when I realised I'll probably never be able to afford a house that requires such statement pieces...

So I was pretty damn excited to see her own home featured in Architectural Digest.
It's as beautiful as you'd expect. I think Isabel would be in my top 3 interior designers to commission when my six lucky lottery numbers come up - the others being Australian Anna Spiro or Brit Harriet Anstruther, who I used to work with and who has had the most influence on my own style. Or maybe Celerie Kemble. Although Jen at MFAMB would be fun...
Hmmm. Such tricky imaginary decisions to make.

Here's Isabel's own home:

 I know, and that's before we've even stepped inside!

In the entry , a Günther Förg painting hangs in the entrance hall, opposite an 18th-century Swedish bench upholstered in black raffia. The sandstone-top dining table is surrounded by Louis XVI chairs and a Jose Dávila photograph is displayed above an 18th-century French demilune console.
A mix of modern and antique in the living room. Kinda disappointed she hasn't used the sofas I associate with her...
A refined vignette of antique glass & a mini tree in the modern kitchen, which lends an organic air to the harder materials used for the table and chairs:
I often think this Eames chair & ottoman is too masculine for me, but it's perfectly proportioned in front of this 17th century French fireplace - this room looks like it sees interesting people having fascinating conversations:
Masterful mix of modern & antique, fur & suzani, restrained palette & vibrant color:
A lady needs a beautiful bathroom and dressing room. Isabel's use of side tables around her house makes me think it's time for a shopping trip. I must have space somewhere for more vignettes?! 
I'm not sure how she ever leaves home!



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