Tuesday, 10 April 2012

shoegate: why shoes should stay in the closet

Lets talk shoes, ladies! 
I love 'em.

One of my favourite memories as a little girl is that of barbeques at my dad's friend's house, Uncle Mark. His wife, Aunty Glenda, (no, these were not real aunts & uncles, rather this was the South African term of respect for any adult) was super glamorous -  she owned numerous pairs of high heels, and my sister and I would spend the whole afternoon and evening happily playing in the bottom of her cupboard, tottering around in her heels while the adults talked rugby and how to make a great 3-bean salad. 

The obsession continues.
I have more shoes than I need. And still not enough. I have ones that are too beautiful to dare take outside - meaning I totter around in my bedroom admiring them, ones that are so loved & comfy that they've been resoled umpteen times, and ones that I suffer in to be beautiful. In fact, one night away at a beach house in early March meant 7 pairs of shoes - wellies, slops, ballet pumps, heels, walking boots, slippers and trainers. 

So you would think I'd be on board with the current obsession with open shoe closets...
But I'm not.

In fact, they make me feel a bit sick.

Thing is, its all fine and well to show your shoes when they're brand new and beautiful, but after for a while, they become a bit misshapen, moulded to the shape of one's feet, with ankle straps messy and fraying, and heels scuffed and battered. 

Why is this a good look? 
I don't get it.
Way to make your house look like a Salvation Army shop.

And if you're minted enough to have so many shoes that they never look worn, 
then that's kind of a lesson in bad taste anyway, isn't it? 
Mariah's closet looks like a shop in Dubai's airport
Christina has more shoes than her kid has clothes
Khloe Kardashian cancels out all those beautiful Louboutins with a bunch of ugly sneakers

In my apartment I'm lucky enough to have shelves for all my shoes - it's the only good thing about moving somewhere that is wall-to-wall built in cupboards from the 80's! 
I love that I'm able to have them happily lined up, but I am very grateful to be able to close them behind doors, and not feel like I live in a charity shop. 

What do you think? Would you have yours lined up on show? 
Or am I the only person who doesn't own forty pairs of pristine Pradas?
images: pinkwallpaper, Jenna Lyons, ViveuVivas, Elle Decoration, theSelby, google, wetpaint, studioten25


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