Wednesday, 11 April 2012

painted ladies: Michael Carson

I wonder whether other women ever think of themselves as 'sexy'? 

I don't. Sometimes I wish I did. I wonder what I would do with it though?! 
Years ago, in my twenties, I remember a friend excitedly telling me that I'd being described as 'sexy' by a soon-to-be boyfriend (hmmm, that whole relationship was probably based on me being totally flattered by that compliment). But day to day it seems as if 'sexy' is something that is now a description for in-your-face pop-stars in their early twenties, who aren't so much sexy as obviously peddling sex. 

When I came across Michael Carson's work though, I recognised the postures and body language that real women fall into, every day, without thinking, and they are sexy, in a way that is intimate, and subtle. It's been a reminder that we each have what it is to be sensual. Let's get practising...



MJ Kelly said...

Carly, you should have seen me. We were on holiday down at the beach, and I sloped around the place, all feminine and sexy-like, after reading this and seeing those pictures. My husband assured me I looked like an aged women with a dowagers hump (lucky for him he had a cheeky grin when he said this) but I FELT all womanly, and that must be what counts, right?
Lots of love, xxx

Carly {covet.collect.connect} said...

Oh good work Max! Your husband was probably just saying that so you didn't run off with a lifeguard, I'm sure you were *rocking* it. Which is exactly how I'm going to do the vacuuming in a minute!

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