Monday, 2 April 2012

meat-free monday: green kitchen stories 1. me 0


Dinner is likely to be a handful of myprodol, which is like ibuprofen on crack. 
There's no point sharing a picture of that with you, so you're lucky that despite just about being ready to climb onto what I'd happily call my deathbed if it meant any kind of relief from the pain behind my eyeballs and accompanying nausea, I managed to remember to tell you about this:

You may remember Green Kitchen Stories, one of the food blogs I read for its creative recipes and beautiful photos. (Although I just checked and it's actually a year since they kindly gave me permission to feature them on this blog! Where did the time go? )

Anyway, they launched an iphone app at the end of February. I'm not late with this news. I just don't have an iphone - I'm still stuck in the dark ages with my blackberry so I wasn't really motivated to share. Sorry. 

But since I'm about to *die* from sticking a metal spoon in my eyeball and scooping out the flesh to relieve some of the pressure in my brain, and probably bleeding to death from my eye socket, I figured that this would be a nice leaving present from me to you, to tell you about this.
Because my guess is that if I ate like David, Luise & Elsa more often, I wouldn't have landed up with a brain about to explode all over my laptop. 



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