Monday, 30 April 2012

meat-free monday: crunchie time!

South African kids are raised on 'crunchies' - an oaty biscuit involving sugar and syrup - great for 'energy' since at the time the Sugar Board's advert was that 'sugar gives you go'. They're similar to what are called 'flapjacks' in the UK. We called crumpets 'flapjacks'  though, so flapjacks is never going to catch on...just sayin'

Funnily enough, I don't remember seeing them baked often, but everybody - like everybody - always had them tucked away in biscuit tins. Many a meal wasn't eaten due to tummies being full of pilfered crunchies when Moms weren't looking! 

Now that I'm an adult, crunchies seem pretty hard to come by. I haven't been offered them even once since I've been here. Has this generation of moms forgotten about this additional foodgroup? 

Bloody lucky I'm here on holiday, ready to re-introduce crunchies to the vernacular.
I went hunting and found a recipe for y'all - from one of my favorite South African bloggers and food stylists, Sam Linsell at Drizzle and Dip. Even better - it's her granny's recipe. Just how it should be. Go here to learn to make crunchies, and then stay a while and learn a whole load more.

When you're done, call, and I'll come for tea.



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