Friday, 6 April 2012

friday flowers: easter simplicity

Happy Easter y'all.

I haven't been around much this week. 
Disaster after disaster. 
The morons at the Vodafone shop (so much for trying to be nice and lovely on this blog) somehow wiped all my emails off my mobile phone - it's like stepping back in time to 1999 where a phone was good for calls and texts.
And the screen on my laptop looks as though it's on acid - all swiggly and psychedelic lines, so that now I have to plug into a large screen. So now it's less like a laptop and more like one of those old IBM Mainframes for how portable it is.

It's all made working hard, and blogging even harder.

And it seems in direct contrast to how things should be over Easter - simple. 
I'm a big fan of small flowers, single blooms and simple arrangements for this weekend. 

I feel calmer already.

Besides, Easter is a great time for new beginnings. 
Here are two of my favorite new beginnings in fact...
Remember lil' Rex, my new best friend from New Year?
And of course, last week's breaking news....Oliver.


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