Wednesday, 18 April 2012

big ideas for little people

I know why babies don't do much else other than sleep, poop or cry all day. 

It's because what's on offer for them at the big baby brand stores is pretty dull, achingly boring, twee or tacky. I'd be upset if I had to make do with with all that matchy-matchy malarkey. 

Anyway, babies grow so fast - doesn't it make sense to create an environment that will grow with them too? 

I've done some homework - even though the only children I have are the imaginary ones that make it acceptable that I drive an SUV. 

Here you go:
My absolute favorite nursery of all time...lucky baby Ike, who is now on track to get a new room.

And my second favorite:
 This photographic artwork is a piece of genius.
As is their dog!

 That chandelier will last baby Lou twenty years.
Even teeny rooms can be big on style and comfort.
Love this! remember the story of the princess & the pea?

 Hermes blanket? Zebra? Egg chair? Folks got bucks!

 The whole family would be happy hanging out here.
Twice as much style!

Baby Vivian's room looks like this - isn't it just one of best? See the full tour here

Forget Gina Ford, all babies need to be happy is good decor and lots of love.


ps: *loads* more on my pinterest board too.
images: ike, swimmingpool nursery, lou, parker, princess&thepea,zebra,familynursery, {unknown source - twins crib},  vivian


Keira said...

Nice work, I am really glad to be 1 of several visitants on this awful site : D

Gillian said...

Love it! Which is why, when I *eventually* get a new house I'm getting you to design boards for each new room!

MJ Kelly said...

I am now officially embarrassed about the complete lack of effort I made with my kids room! Need to get those creative juices flowing! Love this piece.

Carly {covet.collect.connect} said...

Maxi, I've watched loads of incredibly creative and talented vids of your lovely little ones - pretty sure their imagination hasn't been stunted at all! I'm just a decor diva :) Glad you love it. And big news is that I have a nursery commission when I return to the UK so that is good news!
ps. pretty sure Keira, meant *awesome*'s hoping.

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