Thursday, 22 March 2012

on bling & bugs, & being a little old lady with a big ol' reputation...

One day, you know, if we are lucky, we will all become old. 

Even me. The oldest 32 year old you ever did see.
Have you thought about what kind of old person you want to be? 

I have, kind of. Actually, my friend Sash started it. She said she wanted to drive a convertible, one with red leather seats, and she'd have liver spots on the back of her hands, visible as she gripped the red leather steering wheel. 

I know. Not a bad idea, other than the liver spots. But she lives in the sunshine, so it's probably going to happen. 

I imagine I might be kind, obviously, and the kind of old lady that always has sweeties or cakes in her tin, much like my cousin's Granny Georgie, who also had a teapot, plate and soap celebrating the wedding of Charles & Diana, locked in the display cabinet in the sitting room. I thought that was so delightful.
She also always had Coke & Fanta, while we never had that stuff at home. 
I loved Granny Georgie. 

More than soda pop and teapots though, I think that old ladies should have something creepy, a little unnerving, slightly scary. My dad's aunty Hazel had mosaic sea creatures dotted around the walls of her swimming pool, including starfish, dolphins (the six year old me was sure it was a shark), fish and - get this - an octopus bang centre on the bottom of the swimming pool. It kept us well out of the deep end, convinced it might come alive and drag us under. Even when I was twelve and swimming lengths I saved my strength to be able to accelerate over that spine-chilling sea monster.

I'm not recommending mosaics in a swimming pool though. 
I'm suggesting scary jewellery, much more fun.

What's scary jewellery? 

Beastly Bugs & other animals, obviously! 
All old ladies should have a piece that is equally mesmerising and petrifying to little people. It is the kind of thing that makes for a little old lady's reputation.

If you can't bear the thought of sparkling spiders, snakes or alligators, you may dumb down and include giraffe, turtles and bees. Equally frightening and interesting to tiny tots, I suppose, given my own nightmares of the dolphin-shark and octopus. 

Kenneth Jay Lane is my favorite for animal pieces - the giraffe bracelet, both bees and coral scarab beetle are all his. Butler & Wilson's snake bracelet is pretty cool, although their spider brooch isn't as mean-looking as the one above...

I'm clearly not the only one who thinks creepy crawlies rock. This beastly lizard brooch at Christies had an estimate of £1000 to £2000 pounds...and sold for £3250. 
This would do a *great* job at nursing nightmares for little people...look at those ruby set eyes amongst the demantoid garnets and old brilliant-cut diamond could *totally* spin a tale about it watching...waiting...coming to getcha!

Really though, if you want to do this properly, you ought to head to Tiffanys, where you could pick up this slightly scary seahorse clip in 18k gold and platinum with peridots, diamonds, amethysts and a pink sapphire. 
Yours for £41 800. 
Which is frightening in itself.


row 1: Kenneth Jay Lane Giraffe; Kimberly McDonald charity turtle; snake bracelet no longer available.
row 2: Kenneth Jay Lane, sold on ebay;  coral beetleCrystal & Enamel bee
row 3: spider brooch; frog earrings; scarab earrings; antique stag beetle brooch
row 4: lizard
row 5: seahorse
ps. If you want the plate, you can get one here from Etsy. xx


Gillian said...

Covet and love it! Can't wait for you to tell us about your jewellery finds amongst the summer markets!

Carly {covet.collect.connect} said...

I'm thinking about that coral ring with the scarab beetle....

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