Monday, 26 March 2012

meat-free monday: calories, cookies and a nutcase

Do you know what all these meat-free snacks have in common?
14 almonds = 98 calories
Two stuffed vine leaves, one pear or - get this - 3 cups - {cups!} - of grilled peppers in balsamic vinegar each come in at 100calories. 

I wish I'd known that before I hammered home about 3 handfuls of almonds, without even thinking. 
Just mindlessly snacking one after the other while at my keyboard.

I could never have eaten nine cups of peppers, or three pears, or six vine leaves as a snack! 

I was browsing through the new Easy Living magazine site and found a list of 100 snacks under 100 calories, and nearly fell off my chair when I realised how I'd been cranking up my calorie intake without even noticing.

The list doesn't include Sydney's clever anti-recipe for Rolo Cookies, which are exactly what they sound like.
So I'm going to have to guess that they may, perhaps, be calorie-free. 
It is the only possible explanation that I can think of. 
Or, of course, I may just be nuts.
images: Easy Living, the Daybook

p.s. : I know I missed Friday Flowers, first time in a very long time, but there was so much going down - thank you though, for emails about being missing.  I was hosting a baby shower on Friday evening and the day just ran away with me!  I'll be posting the shower later this week. I'm not sure who was more pleased - the soon-to-be momma, or me!
(In real life, think her husband and our friend, both who acted as my slaves helpers, were probably the most pleased - pleased it was over and done!)  


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