Friday, 9 March 2012

friday flowers

I bet you a bucketful of white wine, and the Chanel watch I covet...
that my house smells better than any other you've come across this week.

It's hyacinth season - and home is enveloped in their heady scent, emanating from just two plants - £5 well spent indeed!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and the hyacinth fragrance was matched by the smell of freshly cut grass outside. It could not have been a happier smell, promising summer - or at least spring - is on its way!

This is happening down the other end of the room...
The bloom got too heavy and now resides in an Ikea carafe on a lucite tray on my desk.
(Did you know lucite is perspex? I only learned that a couple weeks ago. I had been under the impression that lucite was something like perspex only more beautiful and scratch-resistant! I guess not!)
The heat from the candle seems to add depth to the scent too.
And that there in the front? The little multicolored out-of-focus flowers? 
That's a matchbox I covered with floral stickytape.
We're all about the florals round here in our excitement for the new season.

Have a happy, spring-scented weekend.


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