Friday, 2 March 2012

friday flowers: spring projects

So much for Spring...
our normal view has been obliterated by a fog that would be appropriate in a Hitchcock's really rather spooky out there.

This week's Spring bouquet is for the results of my spring-projects...

 (not spring-cleaning, because...well, I'm just not that kind of girl.)

Emily gave me the idea to keep all my cosmetics easy to find by recycling old candles.
I seriously can't tell you enough how happy this has made me. Actually, I'd embarrass myself if I tried to explain just how delighted I am every single day now that everything is within reach and neat and tidy...
particularly since I'd have to repeat myself when I tell you that I've created my jewellery drawer and it's changed my life...(sneak peek)...
In other breaking news around here, 
a black ribbon around an inexpensive candle makes it look much more impressive...
(please remember that round here we call those velvet curtains 'gold' and not 'mustard.')
and I've taken up needlework - 
toile cushion covers from Ikea are taking the brunt of my dodgy stabbing attempts at embroidery and I'm excited to say they're turning out to follow when complete.

(um, it did take me two nights of crappy stitches to remember that such a thing as an embroidery hoop exists and makes this whole affair a whole lot easier!)

happy weekends y'all.

images: all own, bouquet at pinterest


YanaNYC said...

Hello from a rainy New York!

Great idea about the candles' jar. Now I have to wait till my candles are gone :) Which candles do you like? Have you tries some really expensive ($60 is expensive for a candle!) candles like Jo Malone, Diptique etc? Do they worth the price?
Also, I see you have quite a collection of Bare Minerals. Would you make a review, please?

Carly said...

Hi YanaNYC- the really expensive candles are great to receive as gifts, but I can't justify spending that much money myself...Jo Malone would be my favorite...will do a round up shortly.
Funnily enough, I'm working on a beauty post - having canvassed a bunch of opinions from my friends. Watch this space.
Did you make the fig pancakes yet?!

Gillian said...

Really looking forward to seeing those cushions when they're finished!

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