Friday, 16 March 2012

friday flowers: camellia crush

Bought flowers are all well and good, but there is nothing as pleasing as having flowers that are grown in the garden - this week we're rocking camellias, euphorbium and some left over hyacinths & freesias. 
There's no denying it's spring. 
There's also no denying that bloody light switch is in the wrong place.

Turns out camellias don't last so well but they delight me every minute. 
This is my view as I type...
I still haven't finished my artwork!

And this is down the other end of the living room: 

I think these are the happiest flowers I've had for ages. They're inspiring me to jolly well hurry up with one of my 101 things to get sorted in the next 1001 days...fixing my dining room chairs.

The whole set - mahogany table, extender leaf and six chairs cost me £40 - I couldn't even make that happen at Ikea! The table was badly marked so is now white on top, and I'm happy with that. I am also okay with the shape of the legs and the chairs, but the pattern on the chairs just about makes my eyes bleed...
(that was a warning and a disclaimer in case this photo makes your eyes bleed too...careful:)

told you so...

In an effort to commit to a plan, I'm sharing it with you. I'm going make new cushion covers.  I know I can't sew, but I'll learn. And I don't just any old new covers. 

Removable cushion covers. 
When you read that, say 'reeeeeeeee-move-ABLE covers' in hushed tones of awe. 

Yip. I have no idea if it's going to work but I can't commit to any one fabric, so the only option is to make more than one set! Fabric inspiration next week.

Have happy weekends, preferably with home-grown bouquets...


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