Tuesday, 6 March 2012

covet: time to fall in love

So, for all my color craziness last week - jumping up and down about spring having sprung, I have fallen in love with a watch that has no color....(yes, one can love inanimate objects, I am about to prove that to you right now)

The blurb about the new Chanel Chromatic watch which oscillates between black and white is all about master craftsmen using a 'true 21st century material - titanium ceramic' and 'exclusive polishing techniques inspired by processes using diamond powder for polishing sapphire'. Whatever - lets just call it magic. 

Oh Chanel's J12 Chromatic, it's been ages since I've done a covet post - but how I covet thee...

It might be appropriate to mention that I love the one with baguette diamonds, just in case anyone out there (anyone, please, maybe? Lover, wannabe lover, ex-lover, just-as-mates maybe?) would like to buy me a gift.
As in, this gift. 
And not, say: this gift:
I would *hate* this gift.
Just sayin'

images:chanel, gourmetgiftbaskets - which actually do some okay gifts, I'm just not into chocolate bananas and soft toys as much as Chanel watches! Actually, just not at all!


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