Thursday, 1 March 2012

color crazy Spring has sprung

I'm declaring Spring sprung!
I know, I have no real authority other than it's just clearly, so clearly, time. 

It's March 1st - time to get our spring on in the northern hemisphere.
Remember Pantone's color report (spot my US spelling there?) for this season?

cockatoo & sodalite blues
cabaret pink sofa for sale at Furbish

tangerine & cockatoo earrings at the newly launched DesignDarling boutique
(from blogger Mackenzie who inspired the 101 list)
Those are Hermes scarves pillows
sofa via Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co - more red than tangerine tango, but how fun?
Would you be brave enough for a cabaret pink ceiling?
The lamps are more kelly green than margherita, but that cockatoo blue painting plays off the lemons so nicely.
Sodalite blue at Rue
cockatoo would be fab for a nursery
margherita green bathroom
I'm considering investing in one or two of these Rug Company dhurries - they'd last a lifetime and could be moved around quite a bit as fashions came and went...

Happy Spring day y'all, even those on the wrong side of the world, since it appears that autumn hasn't kicked in for you yet anyway! 

See you tomorrow for spring flowers and an update on spring cleaning
(read: so not much cleaning as playing!) 


other images:
RHONY Kelly's living room with hermes scarves
kitty cat living room via HighGloss magazine
sodalite dresser via rue
cockatoo blue dresser via nattybydesign


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