Tuesday, 20 March 2012

best exotic travel idea...where everything will be alright.

I have had such a frustrating, irritable day, but luckily I was dragged along encouraged to go along to see the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on Sunday, and a line from that has stuck with me...

So I'll get up and start again tomorrow.
And sometimes things are not as bad as they seem. Take, for example, the movie!
I wasn't really convinced that a film about a bunch of retirees would be amusing - but it was delightful. 

Most of Britain's finest actors and actresses of a certain generation were there, and the acting must have been good to bring a tear to my eye, given that I find old people..um...tricky.
(Americans who have fallen for Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey will be shocked at how different her character is in this movie - she's fantastic in her role, even if not particularly likeable...
Without giving away the plot line, the retirees travel to India - seduced by the idea of their pensions going much further in rupees, only to find the hotel is not exactly as it appears in the brochures...

Apart from that one liner that became a mantra, I wasn't so much captivated by the plotline as I spent the whole time marvelling at the colors, architecture, vibrancy and visual assault that is India. I am totally reaffirming my intention to make sure that I visit - and soon! Definitely before Oct 14, 2014! 

In real life, the hotel isn't as ramshackle as it appears in the film.
The 'Viceroy Club' in the movie is pretty spectacular...
It is also really a hotel - the Hotel Narain Niwas Palace...will you *look* at those arches?



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