Thursday, 2 February 2012

women on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?

My obsession with painted ladies continues. 
This is my favorite 'in situ' find this week: 

Although she's pretty steamy too. I just don't think I could do the striped walls.

This is absolutely the kind of print you could pick up for a few pounds at a junk shop.
(famous last words, it's probably an original worth bazillions)

and if this were my house, I'd chat to this lady with her crazy hat and unsupportive bra while in the bath:

I haven't even begun to make the painted lady wall that I want to. Thing is, it's so clear in my mind's eye that it's almost as if it exists already! 

In other breaking news, it's bloody cold here. Minus 6 if you include the wind chill factor.
I'm just telling you because if you think that this isn't the most inspired post, well, my brain is frozen, and anyway, I *love* my painted ladies. Not to mention I've saved y'all hours from trawling the net trying to find examples of them to keep us all happy, and to prove that really, you can't go wrong with the female form on your wall. I've got another whole bunch to share with you: 

just the one, but really, she steals the show, doesn't she?

Smacking myself i didn't save a bunch of covers from my IPC days -
loads of our vintage covers were just as impressive, if not as highbrow

To be honest, this isn't my favorite piece of art, although I love the rest of the room.
Pink chair? Yes please!

If my sister and I were still little, it's my bet we could spend hours picking our fav's and which lady we'd like to be when we grew up:

Okay, enough already.
later's gators,

ps: Uh...last one.

images: elledecor, lisa sherry @ ruemag, hautemamasfaves, maisonboheme, domino,unknown, jaclynpaige,maisonboheme 


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