Wednesday, 8 February 2012

wednesday weddings: diamonds are a girl's best friend

  I was in London yesterday and walked down Old Bond Street, which is great for people watching, botox spotting, and requires one to wear sunglasses, even on grey days, due to the bling in the shop windows! These caught my eye before I was stared down by the security guards standing over them and persuaded to move along.

De Beer's new Adonis Rose collection is so pretty and delicate:
Wasn't all over the Asprey A Mount - which retails at a steep £75 000
(not that it had a price tag on it - google taught me that!):
Does it remind you of a car, somehow? It does me...its kind of industrial looking.
I'd rather have a car *and* a ring for that kind of money.

The Tiffany Soleste isn't what I'd choose either, but its architectural design stopped me in my tracks to appreciate the craftmanship and detailing:

Jeweller to the stars, Harry Winston, has an HW ring that would be absolutely perfect if you were going to marry Harry, Prince of Wales:
I think his coloured diamonds are the best though. This yellow classic Winston would be perfect for me!

But the one that made me do a double take yesterday was a simple trilogy in Boodles.
I can't even begin to tell you how big the diamonds were...

...other than to say they would guarantee a lifetime of happy-ever-after. 


ps. I've put links to the images and retailers in case you want to pick up any of them for Valentine's Day. It's a little risky to put my home address here so just email and I'll tell you where to post them to...'k thx, bye! 


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