Monday, 27 February 2012

meat-free monday: the last great grilled cheese

While it stays so cold, I fancy

It says beef broth.
Save it for Tuesday.

Okay, I pick 

Crap, I'm supposed to be eating less bread.

But that was before I visited BS in the Kitchen.
Brother & sister Canadian duo Bob and Carlene have invented loads of different types of grilled zarms -
 amongst other yummy recipes - and they all look amaZing...

Just this one.
OMG - in the words of Rachel Zoe, who probably hasn't had bread in about 20 years:
I *die*
(am assuming dehydrated tomatoes mean sundried tomatoes? Anyone speak Canadian?)

And then, I swear, no more bread.
Or maybe just for March.

images: talented BSinthekitchen


Carie said...

I can't believe Friday night's canapes didn't make the grade :-)

Carly said...

I decided not to include fish in meat free monday...otherwise I would indeed be extolling the virtues of sardines with lime pickle!

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