Tuesday, 28 February 2012

the froscars: oscar dresses 2012

It was a weird one this year...
quite a lot of boring...
Kirstin Wiig in beige. Dullage.
Julia Ormond in a dress from a department store and Sarah Hyland in her granny's favourite colour. 
Quite a lot of ill fitting...
Lea Thompson, Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock all wearing someone else's much-too-big frocks.
Although fair to say Viola Davis did the opposite... 
her Vera Wang dress was a great colour on her, but the breasts look horrid all squished out the side. Nice arms though - this year there were lots that were horribly skinny.
These weren't my favourite looks:
Emma Stone was swamped in her pretty red frock that was made of too much material, Melisssa Leo might have found the only ugly Reem Acra dress ever designed, 
Missi Pyle has some weird-ass knee thing going on that made it look like she'd changed a short dress into a long one, 
and little Tina Fey is wearing a dress that would look incredible on someone over 5ft 11. 
Jessica Chastain received loads of compliments on her Alexander McQueen frock:
Does anyone else see old theatre curtains or is it just me? 

Natalie Portman is so stunning and normally does well on the red carpet. She went for vintage Dior...sounded promising... 
but didn't deliver. Considering Dior was established in 1946, I'm sure she could have found a more exciting, better fitting dress. The diamond necklace and dress don't even pretend to work together. Weird. And her hair doesn't look clean, let alone styled. I know this look. It's when you don't want to go to the party and leave it to late to do your hair or find a dress.

Our very own South African born princess, Charlene Wittstock, didn't deliver either. Her Akris gown didn't do anything for her amazing figure, except remind us that she used to be a professional athlete, as evidenced by those strong swimmer's shoulders...
Michelle Williams has been applauded for her frock:
I absolutely *hate* it.
It's orange, not coral. It is made for someone way taller and curvier than her - the bust part looks positively sad, with no breasts to fill it. The brooch is silly and twee. The pink bag is the wrong colour. Her necklace looks like a dog chain. This is not Hollywood movie star glamour. Fail.

Um, yes, your bum does look big in that...
In fact, all of Jennifer Lopez looks big in that, which is weird since it should be flattering with those horizontal lines. She even appears to have split the sleeve.

This minty colour is everywhere at the moment, but this is a frock for a middle aged lady, shame on you Berenice Beijo's stylist.

Cameron Diaz's nude Gucci was just boring. Luckily she has great arms, which are worth looking at. I think she's a great example of fit and healthy looking. 
Stacy Kiebler, George Clooney's date, dressed as an Oscar trophy, and there's only one word to describe Rose Byrne's look: hungry. Maybe two: painfully hungry.
She is obviously trying to steal Angelina's crown as most starved star on the red carpet. Her frock is Vivienne Westwood who creates the most amazing structural pieces, perfect for curves. What a waste.

Talking of which, shall we look at Hollywood's Hungriest One?
Beautiful tailoring...but those chicken bone arms and what is probably the ugliest knee in showbusiness is kind of distracting. 
She doesn't think it's ugly though...in fact, her leg has taken over the interwebs, and even has its own twitter account today - @angiesrightleg. 
So, Angie's leg stole the show from her beautiful Versace dress, unfortunate, but she was never going to allow anything else, even her own dress, to steal the limelight, was she? 
Thing is, Ange - hungry makes you look old, and slightly stoned...

 I thought all of these were interesting choices...
Rooney Mara's dress was perfect for her personality...I'm not sure if it makes her boobs look a little low though? 
Shailene Woodley's Valentino is beautiful - so demure but such great lines...I think it's kind of sexy in a 70's way...
Louise Roe's dress has been described as if it belongs in Dynasty...maybe...but she is pretty and I thought it was a little different from everything else out there. Is it a bit Princess Di from the 80's? 

So who nailed it? 

Penelope Cruz looked very Hollywood Royalty in a frock that wasn't her usual sexy look...
Some said it was aging, but I think she looks beautiful and timeless - just what a movie star should look like. She's also in great shape - not too skinny - but toned and elegant.

Gwynnie somehow managed to look brave and different in a dress that could not have been more simple. Kudos to her - how far she's come from that dreadful ill fitting pink frock the year she won her Oscar. The cape is a little full on, but she rocked it.

Ok, she's no star, and she's in the running for the hungriest competition, AND I don't like her hair, but Giuliana Rancic's dress is dreamy...
it's very Gatsby-esque, don't you think? I think maybe the detailing on the collar and the sides is a bit too ice-skater-ish, but considering what else was on the red carpet, I think she did well. And to create the illusion of curves on a frame like that is no mean feat.

Talking of curves...J Lo could have taken some lessons from Octavia who looked amazing...

but since Charlize was apparently late for the red carpet, and I don't know what she wore, my best dressed goes to Milla for this Elie Saab number...
She managed to even make the dress look better than it did on the red carpet! 
What did you think?
Any favs? Any nightmares?

images: Google, AFP, DailyMail, Getty, Styleinsider, RedMag


Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

I have to say this is one of my favorite Oscar fashion recaps! You're right on about so many of them.

Stephanie Bentz said...

I like Milla and esp like Octavia and LOVE glamorous Penelope Cruz .... and I esp like you for showing me these, otherwise would never have seen them. And I have always wanted chicken arms like Angelina. Shoot me.

Carly said...

Thanks ladies...I love awards season for the dresses - those stars have lots to live up to around here. Steph - you should pop over to Jessica's blog - she found me on twitter and I've become a daily fan of the Aestate. (argh, note to self: must sort out blogroll!)

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