Friday, 3 February 2012

friday flowers: waiting for spring

You know that saying about lovely weather for ducks? 
This is worse than that!
It is seriously that cold. 

Although it doesn't look half as impressive as that. There's no snow. No, we don't get the upside of snow with the downside of being freezing in the south of England. Instead, this is the view from my balcony:
You can't tell, but I swear that river is frozen.

Well, to be honest, I can't *actually* swear by it, since it has been too cold to go and check - 

So it has been a big week for flowers around here - the promise that one day, not soon enough, it will indeed be spring. I started the week with a left-over-from-last-week vase of Alstroemeria's, which one day I will learn how to spell without needing to double check on wikipedia.
And they went on my beautiful embroidered linen tablecloth from Vietnam - it's first outing. I think it cost about the same as a cup of coffee in England. It's a little granny-ish, but it's going to rock for vintage-style picnics with huge pitchers of lemonade and other al-fresco offerings, set up under the shade of an oak tree. Look at that incredible detailing in the stitching.

I swapped linens as well as flowers:

I used to really dislike yellow flowers - a hangover from a long time ago, but I'm learning to appreciate them. And this tablecloth is from India. It's so much more gratifying having things from far away, isn't it? Much better than just from the store down the road.

I sometimes work at that table, so I had to mute it down with a linen overlay... flowers still pop though. I love changing the look up week by week - the vibe in the living area totally changes depending on the colour and type of arrangement. This felt much younger than the alstroemerias - and the rocks are fools gold from the Grand Canyon. 

Down the other end of the room, I was rocking vintage pink roses on my desk:
The mirror at the back was part of what was probably the best ever leaving present from a place of work. I've had it for over ten years and it travels around the apartment in various vignettes. Mirrors are great for making it appear as though you've bought twice as many blooms:

Look, there's bolt on the trestles of my desk...note to self: don't forget about learning photoshop. And there I am too. In the vase. That's a pretty good photo of me, actually. 

I was going to frighten you with some before pictures since I'm heading into the sit-ups and caffeine free regime of the 101 things, but it's too cold to give up coffee just yet!

Have fab weekends, 
please email your flowers so next week we can do a round-the-world display, rather than looking at the bolts under my desk!

image 1&2, weather: accuweather


Gillian said...

We're also rocking yellow lilies "oop north", albeit on the kitchen windowsill rather than on a pretty tablecloth :-)

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