Wednesday, 15 February 2012

cutest twosome in tutus ever

Remember Sophia Grace and Rosie? 
Two little packages of dynamite on the other side of their mamma's iphone, 
with a gift for rap and a powerful set of lungs?
Not to mention no idea of what those lyrics mean...luckily.
(No, she is not the same kid as Juanita Solis on Desperate Housewives, although you could be forgiven for getting that wrong)
 Ellen just about adopted them - they've been on her show a few times, and have met some of their superheroes - like Nicky Minaj. Just how excited?! 
(Nicky Minaj's 'stay in school' sounded a little rehearsed and not so authentic...)

They remain the sweetest little girls - despite being thrust into the glitz and glamour of showbiz due to a five minute youtube clip. Read this interview with Sophia's dad here - he sounds nice too. Watch this - I don't know if this explains where they get their energy from - but it's too funny, particularly when they tell Ellen she might not fit in their secret fairy passage-ways. It's just two little girls, being two little girls:
Rosie may just be the sidekick, but she's hitting her stride here! It's no wonder Ellen decided to send them to the Grammy's - where they thought people came over to say hello to them (the innocence!) - their excitement is contagious, and even popstars used to being divas were charmed by them. 
That is, until they got hungry:
If ever there is proof that they haven't been spoilt by showbusiness, it's a healthy obsession with sandwiches! 
Long may they stay such fun.


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