Wednesday, 11 January 2012

wednesday weddings: the best of 2011

While weddings may be life-changing affairs of the heart for those involved, for people like me who create events and love to tell stories through scene-setting & props - and who have strong opinions on everything from vase height to choice of flowers - they're addictive eye candy. 

(exhibit A, our bridesmaid's gifts at Shelley's wedding. Personalised gowns. 
I'm second right.  And also the only one clever enough to line up so you can read it.)

So I was pretty pleased to sit down with a glass of wine and Style Me Pretty's Best of 2011 digi-mag. If only I had linked my laptop to the TV, I would have used those cards that judges use to rate them! (Note to self for best of 2012 magazine next year!)

These were my highlights: 

Simple, easy, unstructured flower arrangements that say 'happy' and not 'contrived.'
Oh, and lots of glassware. Way to sparkle.
Single blooms in vintage glasses on old lace...
a clever way to add major style on a budget.
....even single bloom bouquets.
This stunning King Protea doesn't need any extra distractions in a fussy bouquet.
I quite fancy these long tables rather than the traditional round ones...
there's an air of festivity in this Sonoma setting. 
You just know that there will be lots of laughter (and wine!)
Navy blue = so sophisticated for a city wedding.
And quite fancy the low angle on that sleeve. Sexy.
Cute idea, nicely staged.

There were lots of succulents in recycled silver containers.
 I'm a big fan.
They grow quickly and shoot off themselves. 
This has got to be the most budget-friendly idea if you plan far enough in advance.
Paper shades from Ikea. 
Big impact, teeny budget.
Mother Nature provides a pretty spectacular backdrop,
and those out-sized initials are genius.
Relaxed picnic style, love the typography and idea of everyone grabbing an envelope - 
but personally I think those wooden knives and forks make everything taste like sawdust.

There was only one image that made me think 'wtf?' 
I woulda scored it a '1' if I'd used my judges card - the flowers would earn the only point.
Over-staged and God knows, overdone.
Also, not really very loving, don't you think?

The real lesson in the whole mag, in weddings ranging from mountain retreats to wine farms, 
the beach to the midwest, Australia to Tennessee, is that whatever style is chosen - formal, informal, day, night, vintage, modern - it has to reflect the couple to be authentic. Each of these is so difference, but personalities shine through. So if you're planning a wedding, or any event, remember: If your 21st was a barn dance, and your 30th a picnic, you probably won't be comfortable with a formal wedding. Ditto deciding to have a picnic if really, you don't fancy the outdoors in your day-to-day life.

Most of all though, it should be a celebration, and fun:


images: all StyleMePretty


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