Thursday, 26 January 2012

stargazing and sleep wishing

This is how my very tired, insomnia-riddled brain works, at 3am.
'I wonder if my sister saw the aurora borea-whatever- borealis, um, northern lights tonight' 
(because it's been on the news as being visible in the north of England, where she lives, you see?)
'I wish I could see them here.'
'Stupid south of England.'
'I mean, it's warmer here than it is up north, but pretty pointless at 3am for star-gazing.' 
(while I gaze out the window at cloud cover.)
'Oh well, lucky I have stargazing in Mozambique on my list of things to do in the next 1001 days. It's Heid's wedding, I wish I was there RIGHT NOW.' 
(feel morose that I'm not in Mozambique right now, 
even though technically it is not my friend Heidi's wedding at 5am in the morning, today.)
'Actually, the Karoo is good for stars, and I haven't been there.'
'I wonder if I should swap my list from Moz to the Karoo. '
'Which is better for stars? Mozambique or the Karoo?'
(get out blackberry and put a note to google whether the Karoo or Moz offers more for star-gazing.)
'I think it might be the Karoo.'
'That's where the star station, whatchamacallit, observatory is.'
'I'm sure I had a picture of the stars in the Karoo on my blog. It was beautiful.'
(I did indeed. Do you know the Karoo? 
It's an arid semi-desert area in the Cape of South Africa.
There is not a lot there, but it is a destination in itself, for stillness and a quiet beauty. And great lamb chops.)
'Oh, and I saw that house in a magazine that was in the Karoo.'
'The one with the stone walls and insane verandah and the coverlet that looked French, and not at all game-farmy or scary with masks on the wall.'
'I hate that South African scary game-farm dark wood, leather sofa and skins look - so early noughties and so...ugh.'
'Why did I like that house so much? I must find it.'

And by then I know sleep will escape me until I find that house, check I remembered it properly and then share it with you.
Fortunately my supersleuth Google skills (if only I could monetise them) meant I found it pretty quickly...which means you can sleep easily tonight, having seen this piece of architectural design deliciousness.

Or indeed, sit up all night worrying about finding the money to book it. 
Which you can do here.

South Africans have mastered inside-outside living...

Time appears to stand still in the peace of the Karoo  

Gin and tonic o'clock? You bet!

I would fight you for the best bedroom. 

Although I think we would have to agree to swap each night...

if we could tear ourselves away from this deck, talking late and watching the stars...

One day.
Just putting it out there.


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