Tuesday, 3 January 2012

a new mantra for a new year

How it did happen to be the third of January already? 

I've been scarce around here. I spent the Christmas break with my supernieces. It was great fun - minus the occasional trip to the naughty corner...

(In my defense, 'whatever' isn't a four letter word in adult-speak, but I understand that saying it in front of the kids could lead to bad habits. AND...by the way, that's a whole other reason for lying about my age! Less time in the naughty corner!) 

...and I can't say I agreed with my sister's decision to let the two and a half year old get a recorder for Christmas. She tormented me with it...

(If you thought 'whatever' was bad, you want to know the words I was dropping after being subjected to that weapon of torture.)

Anyway, in among all the torment was much fun, love and laughter - but by the end of the day there was not much creativity left, and I didn't manage to update the blog at all. I did manage to read a whole lot, and discovered loads of fabulous sites - but all that creativity out there didn't serve to inspire me so much as intimidate me. Which is silly, since this is not a race to create the most perfect blog - and I'm not a graphic designer or photographer, or stylist (yet!) so I shouldn't be so hard on myself. And in fact, there's a lot of repetition in the blogosphere - I can't count how many times I've seen this image as a mantra for 2012: 

It doesn't make it untrue though, and is worth remembering as we march into 2012. 

Here's another one that I've printed out and stuck on my pinboard:

This is a goodie too: 

Too many resolutions have things to give up, and not what to concentrate on. Although tea makes me fat - once I've put the milk and sugar in - so I'd swap that to champagne.

This though, is my current favourite: 

Since I still laugh at the F word, aged thirty-too much.

And I read it as a message that if I do the right thing, the right thing will happen. But if I give into inaction, then the outcome is my own fault. So, with that in mind, there'll be some changes around here by the end of the week.

And I'm working on a list of 101 things to get done in the next 1001 days. 

Minus 3. 

Since it's already Jan 3rd.


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