Tuesday, 17 January 2012

meat-free monday: woman can live by fashion alone

I know this is a cheat. But really, who can concentrate on meat-free Monday when we have Golden Globes fashion to discuss? So if you want to talk food, you can follow this link and find a million ways to make different popcorn (who knew?) while the rest of us munch popcorn, drink white wine, talk about fashion, and whether Angelina Jolie is just a stroppy mare, or whether she is just not much fun because she's so hungry?
Beautiful dress though, what a fit. I'd be smiling like a cheshire cat if I looked like that.
(Or at least like Lea Michele. More of that, later.)

So then - here's what I'm thinking.
If these were my options, I'd have stayed at home:

Nudes are hard to wear:
Each of these women look like I do in nudes - which used to be called beige.
As if I'm deathly ill. Or at least, very hungover.

(Julie Bowen's in my fav Reem Acra frock there - no 3. 
Unfortunately Olivia Wilde wore it to the Emmy's in 2008, and rocked it)
Madonna wore Reem Acra too.
Similar neckline. I like it.
The rest? mmm....
Her dress is more rock 'n roll than hollywood princess, but Madonna can pretty much do as she wants. Besides, people only ever seem to talk about her super-muscly arms these days. That dress is actually chain mail. The more I look, the more I think she rocked it:
Heidi manages to rock the nude look with some clever accessories.
Or she is proving she could look good in a nightie and Pocahontas beads:
Nicole has a magnificent body - this is not an easy shape to wear:
Pity that between her facial expression and the pattern on her dress, she looks a little intergalactic to me, so let's assume that the reason her body is perfect is because she's not really human.

On the left, pretty, and on the right, pretty boring:
except for those stripper shoes Kate is rocking under that frock. My Gosh.

It wasn't all nude though.
Quite a few strong colours, in very simple shapes:
Gotta be skinny for those. I know since I have one from c1994 that used to be my mom's in the 60's. It was gold and I looked like a very shiny cigarette in it. (By the way, headbands are a fail this year.)

And some strong colors in not-so-simple shapes:
That yellow is *insane* on the red carpet. Pretty simple, kinda bridal shape, but I like it. 
Natalie looks good in red and pink too, not crazy on the hip detail.
Tie dye doesn't work in real life, doesn't work on the red carpet either - and neither does ill- fitting red, Reese.

Blue was my fav colour of the night, although some got it wrong.
Here are some that look like they were made at home, maybe in the dark:
All look cheap. Grim.

Worst thing about Kelsey Grammar's divorce from ex-wife Camille is we don't get to see her in her dodgy fashion on the red carpet so much. Instead Kate Walsh does pretty:
It's a great shape for her bump - twins!- with those roses drawing the fabric up,
although I'm not a fan of the colour so much. Bit old school bridesmaidy?
Mila's Dior dress has so much potential, if only it fitted her breasts a bit better - that draping is weird.  In fact, it made me realise how perfectly well-made Angelina's Versace was!

These are my favs:
Dame Helen is so fierce in this number - love her hair. She is 66, would you believe it?
She never gets it wrong on the red carpet. 
Could anyone else pull this off? I don't think so. Tilda rocks the ice maiden vibe though.
I know Sophia Vergara wears what appears to be the same shape all the time, but if I were built like that, so would I. And this fabric is beautiful.

My very most favourite frock, on a woman who epitomises glamour and all that Hollywood is supposed to - this woman knows her job and delivers for all of us! - 

Here though, are my major WTF's (more than the tie-dye, even:)
Naya Rivera looks really pleased with herself. Not sure why. 
Bad colour, bad cut, bad fit, bad stitching.
Lea Michele. She's taken inspiration from Dynasty, and ice skating.

Bring on the Frockscars in February!

images: Getty, AP,Popsugar,Dailymail


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