Tuesday, 10 January 2012

living in light, and spending right

Homes and Gardens is a goodie this month. There's an outrageously awesome Portuguese house that we need to discuss in detail - but that's for another day, once I've got my head around all the awesomeness. It's one of those homes that you want to go through with a fine tooth comb. 

First up though is this Swedish home:
(That sofa at the back shouldn't really look like a car seat - skinny in the middle, that's just my dodgy scanning skills.)

Since living at the coast I've become a fan of almost all white, except that I'm too much of a magpie to live a monochrome life myself. Still, this is a beautiful example of what can be achieved - and on a budget. Those sofas are from Ikea. Ikea gets such a bad rap here as being stuff for 'starter homes' but I think if you shop carefully and mix it up with other pieces, it's jolly good design as well as value for money. And anyone who has spent any time in Stockholm will tell you that it's really difficult to spot the difference between Ikea design and some of the great Swedish designers, of which there are many.

Added to that, considering there's a world wide recession on, so it makes sense to shop carefully where you can. Besides, that way you could have twice as many great things, to swap out!
Which is why I think Homes & Gardens is a little naughty for suggesting going to Linen Loft for a similar bedspread at £100...
when you can buy the exact same linen that's in the article's photo at Ikea again, for £31! 

Keep it real, y'all. 

images: Homes&Garden, Linenloft.co.uk


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