Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Flowers...and friends

Here you go then. 
The first Friday flowers of 2012 - and a little tale.

On Wednesday, I logged onto Facebook to find a school friend (whom I haven't seen in almost half a lifetime) had posted this outrageously perfect sunflower with the following comment:

I was delighted.

Actually, more than delighted - seeing her post is what got me out of bed that day. I didn't even know V knew of this little blog, let alone read it.

I asked if I could use her photo for today's blog post and where she'd seen them, and she told me she had 'stolen this picture with pride off the Interwebs...Sunflowers are my favourite and I woke up with an overwhelming urge to get some :)'

It put me in such a good mood that I began to wonder why it meant so much. And then I figured it out. So that's today's tale:

You might want to get a cup of tea!

I started blogging for me. I should have called the original one 'to me, love from me.' It was at a time that wasn't much fun. Loads of my friends were leaving London and I had to piece together a whole new way of living, part of which - a large part - was being more mindful, and less frenetic.

That's where the first Friday flowers came in.
London, Hamble, Ho Chi Minh, Las Vegas and Yosemite,
bambi via Steph in Hillcrest
I had always been encouraged to write - by teachers, by friends, by colleagues, and I never did. I wasn't sure that I had a story in me, or anything to share, really. But blogging offers a way for people who think in words, or pictures, to write, and connect. And to share it. Or not. It was quite liberating. And when I couldn't find a coherent way to put the words together to adequately express what was going on, that's where photos came in.
 London & Oxfordshire
It may appear that the collection of Friday Flowers posts form some kind of random floral documentary, but they started out as a way to make sure I took notice of what was beautiful around me, and celebrate that. In fact, I remember where I was and how I was feeling, for most of them. 
London, Hillcrest,Johannesburg, Dorset
They are like a code in a journal: happy posies, a sad single bloom, bouquets from boyfriends, hanging out with Witchet at Aflorum (my sanity in London), birthday flowers, orchids recycled from reception from the end of a long week, the first buds in spring, elaborate arrangements in hotels, handpicked wildflowers, and supermarket bunches. 
South Africa - pin cushions protea, flamboyant, roses

And somehow, in posting Friday Flowers on the blog, I've connected in a whole new way with loads of friends, as I slowly got braver in sharing my writing. So while the 'Friday Flowers' franchise started out as memos to myself, it has come full circle as they connect me with others!
South Africa - Hillcrest, Nthaba Moya, Jozi, Cape Town
I get emails and text photos from all over the world, I've had flowers appear on my doorstep, demands when I haven't posted quickly enough, and friends go to the trouble of putting floral arrangements in guest bedrooms when I've stayed with them.
Hamble, London, Hillcrest, Sydney, Port Elizabeth
I'm thrilled to think the concept of flowers weekly might inspire others too. It is so satisfying to know that one of the premises of this blog - to connect us on & offline - is happening. I didn't know it would be through Friday Flowers, but it couldn't be a prettier, more beautiful way!

So there, dear readers, is my tale for the first Friday of 2012.

Get yourself some Friday flowers,
be mindful,
and have a happy weekend.


sources: sunflower from the interwebs, 
all others- self & via a wonderful set of global friends

ps. There'll be some changes around here this weekend. Fingers crossed it all works, and see you next week! 


The French Table said...

I love how flowers and writing can connect people from different paths of life. I am new to your blog and if this is an indication of the beauty I will find our, I can already tell you I will love it!


Carly said...

Thanks Mariangie - I often browse your blog, how fun to have you here!


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